14 June 2021

13 best WhatsApp welcome messages you should be using

Written by

Chee Yong Qing

Content Marketer

14 June 2021

13 best WhatsApp welcome messages you should be using

Written by: Chee Yong Qing, Content Marketer

I’ve been greeted with “Welcome to UNIQLO!” every time I’ve visited an outlet of the Asian clothing brand. The infamous greeting has become an iconic part of their retail experience. 😊

As people increasingly feel more confident to reach businesses through messaging platforms, we need to pay more attention to how we may improve the customer’s online interaction experience with businesses.

How we make or respond to a lead’s first contact with us can make all the difference in the subsequent efforts to nurture them towards a successful sale.

Ready to give a warm welcome to your contacts? Continue reading as we cover some of the best WhatsApp welcome messages you can use! 😉👇

What is a WhatsApp greeting message

It is simply a welcome message for your customers. This automated feature found in WhatsApp Business sends a pre-crafted, auto-reply message when customers message your business for the first time, or after 14 days of inactivity from the customer.

A screenshot of WhatsApp Business app’s Greeting message feature. Source: WhatsApp.

A screenshot of WhatsApp Business app’s Greeting message feature. Source: WhatsApp.

Found under the ‘Business tools’ tab, this feature can be turned off or customized anytime. 

There are four options to choose from on who will receive greeting messages from your WhatsApp Business account:

Everyone: Greeting messages are sent to anybody who messages you.

Everyone not in address book: Only numbers that are not in your contact list will receive your automated greeting messages.

Everyone except…: Select a few exceptions that you don’t want your greeting messages to be sent to.

Only send to…: Choose an exclusive list of contacts that you wish to automatically send greeting messages to.

💡 Do note that your WhatsApp Business account needs to be actively connected to the internet for this feature to work. In other words, the automated greeting messages will not apply when you’re not on the WhatsApp Business app outside of business hours.

Why should you use WhatsApp welcome messages?

Facebook, who owns WhatsApp, found that 55% of people feel more personally connected to the brand when messaging a business. The value of personalized communication is what makes WhatsApp a powerful platform for businesses to utilize.

Using welcome messages forms the starting point of that

WhatsApp welcome messages are an excellent way to make a good first impression. You are showing that you care and value your new customer, while also implicitly extending an invitation to interact more with your business.

Also, welcome messages signal to the sender that you have received their message. This acknowledgement will give the sender the reassurance that their query or comment has been successfully received, and can expect a response from you.

Depending on the content of your welcome message, you can also improve the lead or customer’s online interaction experience with your business. 

For example, sharing a URL that leads to your website’s list of Frequently Asked Questions can make the messaging experience more informative. Or you can include your business hours in the welcome message and let your leads and customers have an estimate on your response time.

What makes a good WhatsApp welcome message

The type of welcome message may differ depending on the nature of your business, and if it's a generic WhatApp Business account or department-specific account.

But here are the 3 best practices to include in all kinds of WhatsApp welcome messages! 😋

1. Specify details to align expectations

It is unrealistic to expect businesses to respond immediately. Most people understand that.

However, at least 70% of people expect a faster response time when contacting a business through text messaging. 

When customers message you for the first time, it is essential to give your customers a sense of certainty of when they can expect your response, by addressing it in your WhatsApp welcome messages. Here’s an example:

1. Specify details to align expectations

Giving a specific response time will help the sender to have a realistic expectation of your responsiveness, while also giving your team sufficient time to work with and an opportunity to overdeliver with prompt responses.

2. Be honest and transparent

Over 49% of people feel that messaging businesses give them more truthful responses.

Some seasons are busier than others, and there are days where your team can be understaffed.

Your customers will appreciate honesty in your welcome messages. Promptly edit your welcome messages according to your workload and work capacities, so that you avoid setting expectations that will only end up disappointing your leads and customers. NEVER underdeliver on a promise.

Your welcome messages can be edited with additional details. For example:

2. Be honest and transparent

3. Be personal

Let your leads and customers feel like they’re speaking with another person. Try to avoid the monotone and sounding overly formal, unless that is the brand persona adopted by your business.

Craft your welcome messages in a personal way. Express genuine concern in a warm and welcoming tone, while maintaining a sense of professionalism.

If you have a dedicated representative for your WhatsApp account, you can even choose to end your welcome message with a personal sign off. Here’s how:

3. Be personal

The best welcome messages you should be using on WhatsApp

Let’s jump straight into our 13 examples of the best welcome messages you can use on WhatsApp!

Generic welcomes

You can craft a basic welcome message when messaging initiating a message with a new customer for the first time.

Generic welcome 1

If you’re receiving a WhatsApp text message from a new lead or customer, you can always automate your welcome messages with a simple acknowledgement.

Generic welcome 2

New customer greetings

When you have a new customer, you can proactively reach out to them via WhatsApp to confirm their purchase and use the opportunity to make a marketing effort to share some value propositions that your business has to offer.

New customer greetings 1

Your welcome messages can be the first of many foreseeable interactions with new customers. If your business has a complex model with many other follow-up actions, you can also direct the next step for your customer to take.

New customer greetings 2

Customer support

If your WhatsApp Business account is dedicated for customer support, you can share some useful information with your customers while they await your response.

Customer support 2

You can also choose to send out a delayed welcome message, tying it with an important alert or update for your customer.

Customer support 2

Lead generation

Maybe your WhatsApp Business account’s main purpose is to generate more leads and nurture them towards a purchase. In that case, you may want to specifically ask for their contact and relevant details.

Lead generation 1

Special and seasonal greetings

Remember what was mentioned earlier about being personal? Special seasons are great opportunities to make your business feel more relatable to leads and customers!

Special and seasonal greetings 1
Special and seasonal greetings 2

Feedback loop

Sending your welcome message can also be a great way to ask for feedback. Since people feel more personally connected with businesses when texting them, utilize this opportunity on WhatsApp to ask for their purchase experience, feedback, and areas that your business can improve on.

Feedback loop 1

Other types

For businesses that want to reduce the WhatsApp communication load, choosing to craft informative welcome messages can redirect your leads and customers to the appropriate channels.

Other types 1

While our focus thus far has been on new customers, don’t forget to greet returning customers as well! It is a valuable opportunity to reconnect with them, establish and deepen customer relationships, and re-nurture them for the future!

Other types 2

As you have seen, most welcome messages end with some form of call-to-action.

What action that you’d like to nudge leads and customers towards depends on your business, but we recommend you do it with a soft approach, and with small incentives to just give them a little push. Here’s our final example for referrals:

Other types 3


And that’s our list of the best WhatsApp welcome messages for you! For more than just welcome messages, check out our full list of WhatsApp message templates (they’re free to download 😉)! 

Don’t forget that you can always mix the different types of welcome messages to craft one that best suits your business needs.

If you’d like a hassle-free experience to broadcast WhatsApp messages, check out NovoChat to give your team that extra boost in their business messaging efforts.

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