Send & receive messages to virtual WhatsApp number

Keep your personal and business life separate with a virtual WhatsApp number. Use it to send messages to customers, or simply for private verification. 

How it all works

1. Purchase virtual WhatsApp number in your account

2. Set up forwarding from virtual number to your own number

3. Verify virtual WhatsApp number

How does NovoChat's Virtual WhatsApp Number helps you

Keep work and personal life separate

Obtain a dedicated WhatsApp number for your business. This ensures the privacy of your personal number.

Improve your marketing ROI

Virtual WhatsApp numbers are perfect for sending marketing messages to existing and new customers.

You'll no longer need to be afraid of your personal number being flagged as spam.

How do I get started?

1. Purchase number

1. Sign up for an account
2. Select your workspace.
3. Click on ‘Settings’ on the left tab.
4. Click on ‘Purchase Number’.

2. Verify number

1. Set up call forwarding in NovoChat
2. Verify new WhatsApp number
3. Start using new WhatsApp number


3. Connect number to NovoChat's inbox & start WhatsApp Blast

1. Go to Channels > Connect WhatsApp number to NovoChat
2. Go to Campaigns > Start sending WhatsApp broadcasts to your customers
3. Receive replies in NovoChat's Inbox


Why do I need a virtual WhatsApp number?

By utilizing virtual WhatsApp numbers, you can maintain the privacy of their personal phone numbers, while businesses can effectively target a wide audience with their marketing messages, all without the need to insert physical SIM cards.

What else can I do with virtual WhatsApp number?

Once you obtained your virtual WhatsApp number, you can either use it yourself, or use it with NovoChat’s WhatsApp features, such as Inbox & Broadcasts. 

How much does 1 number cost?

Novochat’s virtual WhatsApp number cost $9/month per number. 

Can I buy more than 1 virtual number?

Yes, you can buy as many as you want. We currently do not limit the number of virtual numbers you can purchase.

Can I choose my number & country?

Not at the moment, we will generate a random phone number from UK. 

We are currently working on letting you choose numbers and countries. 

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