Connect Telegram

Integrate Telegram to your website so that your customers can chat with you whenever. In a few clicks, get an overview of all your conversations on a single dashboard.


Get Telegram on your website in 6 simple steps 👇

1. Sign up for NovoChat

Get started by creating an account with NovoChat - and don't worry, it's free! 😉

2. Create a workspace

Creating a workspace allows you to keep track of all your conversations in one place.

Think of it as a folder where you keep important documents. 🗂

You can create several workspaces if you have multiple businesses.

3. Add Telegram

Add Telegram to your workspace.

4. Make sure you have a TeleBot

If you don't have a Telegram bot, don't worry, we've got you! Simply check out this step-by-step guide on creating one.

5. Input your details

You have the freedom to put whatever you like to be easily recognized by your customers!

Once you're done, click on "create".

6. Start chatting

And that's it - you can now start chatting with your customers on Telegram!

Manage all conversations

Easy set up with one API

Multiple messaging platforms