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Why do I need message templates?

Whether you’re new to chat marketing or a professional, you can’t deny how useful and quick message templates are.

Simply copy and paste the text, edit placeholders, and hit the send button. You can even reuse these message templates multiple times without having to reinvent the wheel for every conversation 🥳

Save time thinking of new message content for different uses and scenarios.

Reduce human error and embarrassing typos.

Maintain a consistent brand image and persona.

Provide quick customer support and resolution.

Create personalized messages quickly and easily.

Improve text message open and reply rates.

Message Template Library

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Use Cases

E-commerce 🛒

Send promotional messages, inform customers on delivery statuses, and collect feedback on products and services

17 Best E-commerce Templates →

Insurance 📑

Schedule appointments, send policy updates, and set up payment reminders

22 Best Insurance Templates →

Real Estate 🏘

Schedule property viewings, share house listings with clients, and keep up with homebuyers

12 Best Real Estate Templates →

Tourism ✈️

Confirm hotel reservations, share airline promotions, and send check-in alerts

21 Best Tourism Templates →

Retail 👚

Answer FAQs, send promotional messages, and product announcements to increase customer loyalty

15 Best Retail Templates →

Restaurants 🍔

Confirm customer reservations, send exclusive dining deals, and take orders through text messaging

18 Best Restaurant Templates →

Spas / Salons 💅

Schedule, reschedule, and confirm appointments, and send interesting tips and beauty advice

15 Best Spa and Salon Templates →

Medical 🩺

Send appointment reminders, alerts, and follow-up messages to patients

12 Best Medical Templates →

Fitness 🏋️

Send appointment reminders, relay get-fit tips, and share membership promotions

19 Best Fitness Templates →

Education 🏫

Engage with students, parents, and staff about school-related information and activities

13 Best Education Templates →

Leisure 🎮

Send reminders, promotional messages, and collect feedback on customer experiences

12 Best Leisure Templates →

Banking & Finance 🏦

Answer FAQs, send payment alerts and reminders, and set up OTP messages

11 Best Financial Services Templates →

Customer service 🤩

Set up auto-replies, follow-up with customers, and collect feedback on purchase experiences

8 Best Customer Service Templates →

Marketing / Sales 💰

Announce product launches, information on campaigns, and share exclusive deals

25 Best Marketing and Sales Templates →

Abandoned Cart Recovery 🛒

Send messages to prompt and encourage customers to complete purchases

6 Best Abandoned Cart Recovery Templates →

Welcome messages 👋

Engage with customers when they opt-in for messages and share one-off newcomer discounts

13 Best Welcome Message Templates →

Invitations 📧

Send party, graduation, and wedding invitations to all your guests

8 Best Event Invitation Templates →

Reviews / Feedback 💬

Gather reviews and feedback on customer experiences

8 Best Feedback and Review Templates →

Shipping / delivery 🚢

Send shipping and delivery updates to keep customers informed

14 Best Shipping Templates →

Payments 💳

Send payment reminders and information on transactions

10 Best Payment Templates →

Reminders 📆

Send appointment, billing, and meeting reminders

10 Best Reminder Templates →

Announcements 📢

Share product launches, new venue openings, and store closures

6 Best Announcement Templates →

Recruitment 💼

Schedule interviews and update job applicants

9 Best Recruitment Templates →

COVID-19 🦠

Send COVID-19 alerts and information to contacts

19 Best COVID-19 Templates →

Let’s get moving.

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