So many WhatsApp Business providers, which one to choose?

Well, we definitely have to say NovoChat's the coolest. 😎
But let us first show you what NovoChat brings to the table.

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6 things you'll love about NovoChat


Retain your WhatsApp number

With other providers, you'll have to register a new WhatsApp Business number.

Not with NovoChat! You can keep the current WhatsApp Business number. 😇


Lets you broadcast messages without restrictions

One key restriction with other providers you can only broadcast template messages that are pre-approved by WhatsApp.

No such restriction with NovoChat! You can broadcast messages without a slow vetting process. 🏃‍♂️


No usage limits

Other providers limit usage to 1000 monthly active users (MAU).

What about NovoChat? Unlimited messages, no extra charges. Best deal you can find around town! 🤩


No extra costs for additional messages sent

NovoChat doesn't incur additional costs per message. Other providers charge if you exceed their message or user limit.


Lets you start a conversation without a pre-approved template message

Instead of sending a template message to start the conversation, NovoChat lets you text customers like how you normally would. Just key in number and message, and blast off! 🚀


No time restriction for messages

If you use other providers, you're limited by the 24-hour template message limitation. ⏰

With NovoChat, you're free to use it as if it's a personal WhatsApp. No time restriction on re-initiating chats with your customers.

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