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Add a chat widget to your website, for free! Integrate with multiple messaging platforms such as WhatsApp, Telegram, LINE, and more. Manage all conversations across different platforms on a single dashboard.

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With NovoChat, you're able to integrate the most popular messaging platforms. No limitations on communication.

4 simple steps to integrate a chat button with NovoChat

1. Select channels to integrate

Choose from 4 different messaging platforms to integrate into your workspace.

You can integrate all messaging apps into a single dashboard! 😉

2. Configure widget design settings

Change the design of your widget to suit your brand identity or personal preference.

Add your company logo, change the tagline, and have full control over the colours you use.

3. Edit channels

Select messaging channels to appear in your widget.

4. Install

Once the changes have been made, click on "update".

Copy the installation code and insert this code into your website.

Done! 🥳

Manage all conversations

Easy set up with one API

Multiple messaging platforms