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Meet Exabytes

Exabytes is a Digital Marketing Agency that aims to assist businesses in digitalizing and bringing their businesses online. Founded in 2017, Exabytes helps businesses achieve a broader online web presence and reach out to wider sales possibilities. 

Exabytes specializes in providing web hosting services, such as cloud hosting, shared hosting, website creation solutions, and more. Today, they serve over 140,000 customers in 121 countries.

As Exabytes grew, teams across the company sought a more efficient way to communicate with customers, boost operational efficiency, and create better customer experiences. With NovoChat’s customer communication platform, Exabytes is able to build lasting customer relationships and scale its support processes. 

We spoke to Annie Ong, VP of Customer Service, to find out how her team uses NovoChat to streamline their customer support processes and provide better customer experiences. 

Increasing flexibility for team members

With over 20 people in the Customer Service team, Annie has a big team to run. From customer complaints to onboarding, the team handles all non-technical issues relating to Exabytes. Unfortunately, lapses in customer communication are inevitable when you have a team of this size, especially when team members are unavailable or out of the office. 

Prior to using NovoChat, a mobile phone for customer support was being passed around to each person to handle customer conversations. This also meant that those who were out of the office still had to tend to the phone. In situations where the rep in charge wouldn’t be able to reply, the phone had to be handed over to another team member physically. This was extremely inconvenient and frustrating for the team.

“Before using NovoChat, it was very troublesome. We had no choice but to meet other colleagues to pass the phone to them.”

Currently, Annie and her team use NovoChat’s shared inbox to facilitate team collaboration and hand-offs. With this feature, they can add multiple members into their workspace and easily assigns conversations to other team members when one of them is out of the office. The smooth and easy hand-off ensures that there are no hiccups, allowing them to better handle customer conversations. 

Monitoring service levels of team members

Exabytes leverages on NovoChat’s platform to monitor conversations the team has with customers to maintain the quality of service and professionalism. The team is able to gain deeper insights into how the team approaches customers, the quality of solutions given, and the average response time. 

This is especially useful for the team when it comes to complaints, as Account Managers can give feedback and advise them on the best way to respond or provide certain solutions to steer the conversation.

“Using NovoChat as a feedback loop, we now have a better and faster way to automate the monitoring process. This helps our team maintain professionalism and quality of service.”

Being able to analyze daily conversations with customers also uncovers sales opportunities that could have been overlooked by one team member and only picked up by someone else. 

Improving customer support response times

Since implementing NovoChat, the team has reduced their lead response times as conversations are now centralized onto one dashboard. Because the team is able to add multiple roles into a single workspace, they can easily rope in other members of different departments into conversations. 

This way, they can quickly assign conversations to reps who are the most qualified to handle a customer. By providing faster resolutions, the team has been able to provide stellar customer experiences and improved customer satisfaction.

Planning for the future

Exabytes has experienced great success with NovoChat as they’re not just using the platform to streamline customer communication, but to facilitate team collaboration and ensure monitor the quality of service levels. 

“As most of our customers prefer to use WhatsApp over email, NovoChat presents a greater opportunity for us to communicate more efficiently”, says Annie. With deeper insights into customer conversations, the Customer Service team is well on its way to creating personalized experiences for Exabytes’ customers. 

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