WhatsApp Marketing Malaysia: How To Make It Work For You

Want to learn how you can leverage WhatsApp marketing in Malaysia? In this article, we will discuss everything you need to know about WhatsApp marketing to make sure it works for you in your business.
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With the soaring numbers of monthly active WhatsApp users, WhatsApp presents a high potential for marketing a business — which is why WhatsApp introduced WhatsApp Business and WhatsApp Business API to support business communication. 

In Malaysia alone, over 98% of respondents in a survey revealed that WhatsApp was their favorite chat application. Without a doubt, this is a bigger percentage compared to Facebook Messenger (54%) or Telegram (40%).

In this post, we will show you what WhatsApp marketing is, the reasons it’s becoming a hotspot marketing platform, and the 10 powerful tips specifically on how to market your business in Malaysia using WhatsApp. 

Let’s dive right in!

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What is WhatsApp marketing?

WhatsApp marketing is the process of increasing awareness and delivering offers and valuable opportunities to individuals or businesses through the popular WhatsApp messaging platform in your business.

While we often use and associate WhatsApp with personal communications with family and friends, more businesses are now increasingly leveraging the platform’s marketing opportunities to increase their brand’s exposure.

WhatsApp marketing opportunities in Malaysia (Facts and stats)

In 2019, WhatsApp announced reaching over 2 billion subscribers globally. That is an immense pool of leads that you can tap on — but wait — are they accessible for marketing?

There are several disadvantages that first came with WhatsApp. Think of how it was and still is impossible to do a public search of personal user accounts on the platform? What about how it is impossible to share your business content publicly?

And among many other limitations, those disadvantages won’t be great for your business, right? Right.

So, amidst those disadvantages, what made us single it out over the rest? What opportunities does WhatsApp give you as a business in Malaysia? 

If you need answers, then let’s take a look at those reasons now:

Cost-free marketing

With the plethora of cost-free business messaging tools and options, all your efforts shall yield a considerate return on investment for your business, thus it is great news for small business owners with tighter budgets.

From the WhatsApp business app that’s totally free to use, to the API for bigger businesses where it’s partially free, the marketing opportunities that WhatsApp offers are immense.

More so, the marketing features offered with WhatsApp Business such as automated greeting messages and WhatsApp blast offer quick communication that builds your brand’s credibility and trusthworthiness. 

Higher conversion rates

Unlike many other marketing platforms, the open rate for WhatsApp is 98%, compared to the 30% for email. It also has the shortest average response time of about 3 minutes.

That means your business is more likely to get exposure to more customers, which can increase your sales and help you build better customer relationships.

Preferred customer relationship management channel

Statistics show that 98% of users are more likely to interact with businesses through WhatsApp to onboard their issues or just to connect with their favorite brands than they could with other marketing channels. 

More so, customers associate WhatsApp to be the most instant way to receive communications from brands, as they have related it to immediacy from the chats with their friends and family.

Furthermore, WhatsApp’s users find WhatsApp to be the most personal way to communicate with brands, unlike other communication channels that are often filled with automated responses that are never person-to-person.

Receive leads directly from Facebook or other channels

You can connect your WhatsApp business profile to Facebook. You can integrate it as an option for Facebook users to connect with you directly from Facebook, your website, or on other chat platforms. 

For instance, if you use Facebook ads for marketing, you can simply connect your WhatsApp so that you can channel all your leads to your WhatsApp directly — this is known as click to WhatsApp ads

This reduces any distractions along the way as your customers are sent directly to a WhatsApp chat from your ad. 

How to market your business on WhatsApp in Malaysia

Knowing how to market your business through WhatsApp is a tough game to understand — let alone implement. 

But, while many other sites pitch their ideas about it by simply telling you to get the business app or API, we have taken another step to share with you the exact strategies and tips to help you effectively undertake WhatsApp marketing in Malaysia.

Segment your audience with broadcast lists, group chats, and chat labels

WhatsApp offers multiple ways you can segment your audiences. This means you can send highly targeted messages, media, products, and services that are based on your audience’s unique needs and preferences.

While there are countless ways to do this on WhatsApp, here are the three most common and effective strategies you can use today:

Broadcast lists

Broadcast lists offer a one-to-many WhatsApp blast that allows you to engage your audiences with one-way communications. You can create more lists, each with specific topics for your different audience types.

You can share specific offers and promotions with different customers who are in different stages of your buyer’s journey.

Group chats

While broadcasts offer one-to-many bulk messaging capabilities, WhatsApp groups offer a group perspective that allows more members to contribute, and each message is shared among all the members. 

You can use groups for focus groups, product tests, or other discussions.

Chat labels

Chat labeling is a feature of the WhatsApp Business app that allows you to tag different contacts according to different factors that you may use for your customer segmentation.

With this feature, you can add more custom labels to suit your needs and preferences, and‌ ‌infuse more flexibility into your marketing.

Step up your Customer Support game

Nowadays, customers prefer real-time support — and there’s no better tool for your customers to expect quicker responses than through WhatsApp. About 59% of WhatsApp users believe ‌they can get quick responses if they channel their queries through the platform.

The best advantage also is that you can embed WhatsApp chatbots on your websites or other marketing channels. 

With chatbots, you can feed it with typical questions that you get daily to further reduce the time you spend on customer support for you to focus on other productive activities.

For higher customer satisfaction rates, using WhatsApp for customer support allows you to meet your users’ demands. You can instantly reply to customer queries, automate instant responses, and address their issues in real-time.

Build on more creative offers and promotions

To ace your marketing efforts, you need to find more ways to creatively share your products or services. But other than that, you should also find a platform to channel your creative offers.

Because WhatsApp offers a great way to connect with your customers, you can make use of the platform to share your content with them. 

Coupled with WhatsApp’s high open rates, sending promotions, discounts, and limited-time deals will generate more sales for your business. Furthermore, you can leverage on the platform to send cart recovery reminders to reduce cart abandonment

For example, take Absolut WhatsApp promotion strategy. While other competitors had never tried it, they laid a strong WhatsApp marketing campaign that proved to be a great success.

Stories like Absolut’s are the bread and butter of our chat marketing newsrooms, but are you leveraging the platform to increase your brand awareness?

Forge customer loyalty with more engagement

WhatsApp can be a great place to build strong customer loyalty through the app’s handy features that allow you to engage with your customers.

Because many users know ‌you can respond to them quickly as you’ve built stronger relationships on the platform, they’ll be more dedicated to your brand than to others.

When you share the content that‌ they can resonate with, and especially on a platform where they receive important messages from their families and friends, you also become a part of their life, and you become valued.

To add on, personalizations that you can achieve with this messaging platform are also what can make your customers appreciate your brand more and more. 

Personalizations make clients feel special and cared for. They will trust you more if you always send them the right message at the right time.

More so, engage them with great content ‌they can relate to and are likely to share on their platforms.

Give more value with quality content

While all platforms require great content, each one differs totally from the other. So, which content do clients find helpful on WhatsApp?

While WhatsApp remains the most personal messaging platform, getting too personal with clients will backfire. Besides being so intrusive, it can be quite easy for you to stay unprofessional on WhatsApp. 

For example, constantly asking your client’s whereabouts, sending streams of content with no value or permission, or being too informal by sending annoying messages with grammatical errors, can all give you a terrible impression on the platform.

Meanwhile, if you adopt strategies for crafting short and highly engaging content with suitable media can build your brand’s image and loyalty.

Get more done with a chat marketing tool

In a post-digital world, you can find every tool that can serve your needs, and custom solutions that can allow you to streamline your marketing efforts are worth your investment.

These tools are often powered by powerful technologies that offer great functionality to help you take advantage of WhatsApp’s marketing capabilities. 

It can lift your daily struggles with automation, provide valuable customer data, and offer multichannel support, all on one platform. 

For example, you can use NovoChat to automate conversations on WhatsApp, enjoy a multichannel inbox, broadcast highly targeted chat messaging campaigns, conduct multi-agent customer support in just a single platform. 

Furthermore, the tool has deep integration with EasyStore and Shopify to collect relevant customer data and automate abandoned cart recovery messages

Use NovoChat to bolster your WhatsApp marketing efforts

To sum it up, nailing down on WhatsApp marketing is more about knowing your customers, understanding their concerns, sharing value, and engaging in marketing activities that seek to engage them and build customer satisfaction.

Another way to do WhatsApp marketing in Malaysia that can build on the others is to leverage a tool that’s dedicated to chat marketing. There are many advantages that you can have if you leverage a tool that’s specifically made for that purpose.

If you want to learn more about how a chat marketing platform can help you drive more sales, automate processes, and overcome strict WhatsApp guidelines (yes, you read that right!), start your free trial with NovoChat today! 👇👇👇

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