WhatsApp CRM: How You Can Use WhatsApp As A CRM Tool

Are you confused as to what WhatsApp CRM is and how can you use it in your business? In this article, we will dive deep into the specifics of WhatsApp as a CRM.
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Operating a business is far from easy — especially when it comes to managing customer relationships. Of course, customers are at the heart of every business, hence it remains a top priority for many. 

If you’re using WhatsApp Business to market your products, don’t just stop there. Capitalize on WhatsApp’s massive popularity and reach to engage and nurture your customers. 

With that said, let’s dive deeper into WhatsApp CRM and explain everything you need to know.  

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What is WhatsApp CRM?

Now, you might be quite confused. Isn’t WhatsApp a messaging platform

Well, the idea here is to consolidate all your WhatsApp conversations and customers’ profiles into a single tool. So it works just like a normal WhatsApp, but syncs your customer’s information and keeps track of them.

It allows you to create lists and categories for each contact to easily communicate with them, provide assistance, and market your business. 

Benefits of using WhatsApp as a CRM

Enhanced communication

A CRM tool makes team communication effective within the organization, maintaining a reputable brand image among all representatives interacting with prospects. However, it helps reps learn from one another for the organization’s growth.

Since the managers do not have to send messages and emails for any discussion, communication is facilitated swiftly within the CRM.  

Better data management

A centralized database has all customer information in one place and is accessible to team members who need it. Sales reps can quickly learn about customer interests from previous interactions. Therefore, it allows them to create relevant sales pitches and make informed marketing decisions.

CRMs help the team avoid digging through files and records to find the information they require about the prospects while following up and closing deals. 

Automate data entry

With a CRM tool, you do not need to log into emails, calls, meetings, and interactions — all of this information will be collected automatically and aggregated within the system.

A CRM allows you to update the details at every stage, and the system automatically handles the rest, hence keeping the process efficient for everyone involved.

Offer reminders for follow-ups

A CRM tracks all of your prospect activity, which helps your team know when they need to follow up with specific prospects. Once the team members get a reminder of particular leads, they can contact them. These swift follow-ups increase the chances of converting leads into customers.

Enhances your lead generation

Customer relationships have to be nurtured to thrive. For nurturing to be productive, good communication is vital. Most CRMs outline the customer journey, enabling you to see every contact’s stage at every phase of the sales process.

With this data, you can take the next move. For example, you can engage the customer more, resulting in more business and new customers.

How to use WhatsApp as a CRM tool

Sending broadcast messages

Sending mass messages using WhatsApp is very easy. And unlike the official WhatsApp Business app, WhatsApp CRM does not have many limitations for communicating with your customers.

You can send offers and promotions, alerts, or reminders to engage with your customers through broadcast messages. While broadcasts are often one-way communications, a user can reply directly to your inbox.

Having multiple WhatsApp users

WhatsApp Business allows you to add multiple people who can manage your account at the same time. Both the WhatsApp Business API and WhatsApp Business app currently allow it, but their approaches are not the same.

The Business app allows you to connect with one phone and four other additional devices only, but the Business API allows more team members to collaborate easily. This promotes better communication and collaboration through a shared team inbox to resolve customer issues. 

Importing WhatsApp contacts

When you use WhatsApp as a CRM tool, you can import thousands of contacts all at once. You can batch operations on these contacts like send broadcast messages, export, delete, etc.

You can import one or more contacts at once, and here’s how you can do it:

  • Go to ‘Contacts’
  • Click on ‘Add Contact’
  • Drag the CSV file or click import from file
  • Then click ‘Import’

After importing your WhatsApp Contacts, you can start WhatsApp conversations with our WhatsApp templates or add more reps to manage them.

Managing multiple contacts and conversations

With WhatsApp Business, it is easy to collaborate, especially if you are using a shared inbox from a service provider. Your team members can access, start conversations, and remove multiple contacts without struggle.

You can assign your reps to different users to manage their conversations and contacts. That way, everything becomes a breeze and your business communications become smoother. 

Importing WhatsApp contacts

When you use WhatsApp as a CRM tool, you can import thousands of contacts all at once. You can batch operations on these contacts like send broadcast messages, export, delete, etc.

You can import one or more contacts at once, and here’s how you can do it:

  • Go to ‘Contacts’
  • Click on ‘Add Contact’
  • Drag the CSV file or click import from file
  • Then click ‘Import’

After importing your WhatsApp Contacts, you can start WhatsApp conversations with our WhatsApp templates or add more reps to manage them.

Sending WhatsApp notifications

If you’re looking to send one-way communications through WhatsApp, you can consider sending WhatsApp notifications. Importing Contacts to users for conversations is not the same as sending WhatsApp notifications.

Through the Messages API, you can use WhatsApp to send WhatsApp notifications to WhatsApp users. There are more other possibilities with the Messages 2.0 API for sending WhatsApp notifications, so be sure to check it out for your business.

WhatsApp CRM use cases

Sales teams

WhatsApp works a lot like SMS messages, and it is considered a cheaper alternative to text messaging. If you are looking to adopt conversational sales in your business, WhatsApp is the way to go.

To use WhatsApp for sales, get a WhatsApp Business Account. WhatsApp offers two types of business accounts: the WhatsApp Business app and WhatsApp Business API.

WhatsApp Business App is designed for smaller businesses with fewer customers. When dealing with multiple salespeople and thousands of customers on WhatsApp, this option is not ideal for you. 

If you are a medium to large business with several salespeople making WhatsApp sales, the best option would be to use a WhatsApp Business API.

Marketing teams

Sharing creative content

As much as promotional messages are essential for improving your sales, you can include creative contents in your messages to nurture customers while sharing trends, offers, and discounts.

Avoid repeating the same content when using various features on WhatsApp. Also, make sure your marketing strategy is updated and refreshing with diverse content types. Reaching out to customers.

Reach out to your customers one on one. You may find WhatsApp time-consuming, but it gives quality feedback and deeper customer insights when done correctly.

Customers value personalized communications. Once you drop a personalized text, you will most likely get feedback, referrals, or even their purchase experience. How you manage your relationship with your customers determines future interaction with them. 

Creating WhatsApp groups

Create a WhatsApp group, then add members with similar interests to the group. You can share thoughts and new trends in this group and launch new products.

For example, after you realize that a handful of customers usually inquire about or purchase hair beauty products. Create a group for these customers, whereby you can discuss anything about hair products, be it new products in the market, customer feedback, discounts available, and anything concerning hair products. 

By doing this, you will attract specific people and engage them in a way that feels personal and encouraging.

Creating a brand persona

As a business owner, you need to create a business persona. A brand persona can be a person, idea, or character. 

How would you like to be recognized by your customers? What are your business’s unique personality traits, values, and attitudes that make your business stand out from others?

When setting your WhatsApp business profile and catalog, select a brand identity that supports your brand persona. The fonts, colors, and logos used in WhatsApp’s images should reflect the brand persona. 

For example, keep your customized service’s brand persona reliable and resilient. Keep this brand persona consistent across all marketing platforms.

Support teams

Following up with customers' inquiries

With WhatsApp CRM, you can sync, create, and send WhatsApp message templates directly from a WhatsApp CRM. You do not have to move between multiple screens to get users’ info to respond to your users accordingly.

A CRM can set up reminders, centralize your client’s info, and provide the relevant message templates that your agents can use while responding to their inquiries.

Automate FAQs

Instead of the traditional FAQ pages that are non-interactive, you can consider configuring your FAQs using chatbots to help streamline your customer support.

After the interaction, your support agents may still follow up to see if their issues were resolved or not and then help them accordingly. Such automation frees a lot of support time so that they can use it on other pressing issues.

Centralizing customer support

Your customers might use different channels to seek support apart from WhatsApp. If they use different messaging platforms to text you, it would be practically frustrating to move between separate channels to respond.

And that is exactly where WhatsApp CRM comes into play.

It helps you merge all your contact’s messages and details from one place and supports a multichannel inbox. That way, your agents will never have a hard time addressing your customer’s inquiries.

NovoChat as a WhatsApp CRM tool

Using WhatsApp as a CRM tool is an indispensable technology for businesses to streamline their support, sales, and marketing processes. 

NovoChat, as a WhatsApp CRM platform, can bring about several benefits for your chat marketing efforts. With NovoChat, you can:

  • Connect multiple messaging channels (not just WhatsApp) and chat with customers on their preferred platforms
  • Have multiple reps on a single platform
  • Manage and monitor all conversations on a centralized platform
  • WhatsApp automation rules to trigger notification messages
  • Advanced insights to track customer conversations and improve team performance

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