WhatsApp Broadcast Best Practices and FAQs

Having trouble with WhatsApp’s broadcast feature? We’re here to share some WhatsApp broadcast best practices and answer FAQs.
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Faye Chong

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WhatsApp Broadcast is a valuable feature for businesses that are using WhatsApp to bolster their chat marketing efforts. We’re sure you have some questions about WhatsApp Broadcast, so we’re here to answer them!

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1. Can I send bulk messages to new recipients?

Yes, you can send broadcast messages to new contacts. With NovoChat, you can either manually upload contacts by typing them or uploading a list in CSV. format.

Simply follow our CSV. file template (Phone, Message) and upload them into NovoChat. 👇

Upload a CSV. file of new contacts and a custom message.
Upload a CSV. file of new contacts and a custom message.

We don’t have placeholders for the content of your message so that you can freely customize the content for each recipient.

2. Do I have to follow WhatsApp’s template guidelines when broadcasting messages?

It is a requirement to use templates when sending bulk messages. WhatsApp has also put several strict template guidelines in place to maintain a positive user experience. 

These message templates need to be approved by WhatsApp and this can take at least 1-2 business days. You also can’t include message content that is deemed ‘promotional’, symbols, and emojis, and you can only send templated messages after a 24-hour session window.

However, with NovoChat, you can bypass all pre-approved limitations to broadcast your messages freely. This means no strict template guidelines and no pre-approving of templates is needed!

3. How do I create a message template for WhatsApp Broadcast?

Since you don’t have to pre-approve your message templates using NovoChat, you can simply create your own message templates from within the dashboard. This is limited to users under the Pro and Business plans. 

Alternatively, you can use our pre-built message templates to save time (all plan users).

To create your own message:

1. Select the ‘Write New Message’ tab.

2. Type in the contents of your message. You can insert placeholders such as the contact’s name, email, and number. Feel free to upload any images that will aid or enhance your message.

3. Click ‘Next’ once you’re satisfied with your message and proceed with selecting your recipients.

To use a pre-built message template:

1. Select the ‘Select Templates’ tab.

2. You can select a category from the dropdown box, or scroll down the list to find a specific category. Simply click on the category you want to use and the message will show up in the text box on the left.

3. Fill in the placeholders at the bottom of the text box.

4. Click ‘Next’ once you’re satisfied with your message and proceed with selecting your recipients.

4. Can I bypass the maximum 256 recipient limit?

Yes! With NovoChat, there is no cap on the number of recipients you can broadcast your messages to. While this means you can broadcast messages to as many recipients, please do not spam your contacts! 🙅

5. Can I get banned from sending broadcast messages?

While using NovoChat lets you bypass all strict guidelines put in place by WhatsApp, you can still get banned if you:

1. Send too many messages in a short period of time.

2. Get marked as spam by multiple recipients.

6. What are some best practices to reduce getting banned from broadcasting?

  • Try not to send messages to contacts who have never contacted you before.
  • For every contact you will send a message to, add them to your contacts list.
  • Have a profile picture and WhatsApp name. Sending a new message without having a picture/name will increase your chances of being manually flagged as spam.
  • Do not send overly promotional content, as recipients might regard it as spam and report you.
  • Don’t keep sending messages to people that have already blocked you.
  • Avoid sending links that were previously marked as spam on WhatsApp or non-HTTPS. Try using a URL shortener.
  • For each NovoChat plan, here are the advised message limits:
    • Starter plan: Send less than 3,000 messages per month (or 600 messages per day)
    • Pro plan: Send less than 9,000 messages per month (or 3,000 messages per day)
    • Business plan: Send less than 40,000 messages per month (or 6,000 messages per day)
  • Most importantly, you’ll need to pay attention to the content of your message. Make sure that they do not violate WhatsApp’s regulations.

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