What Is A Shopify One-Click Checkout and How Can It Benefit You?

A one-click checkout ensure a frictionless checkout process. But is it suitable for your Shopify store? How does it work? Read on to find out more!
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Your business needs to collect and process tons of customers’ data whenever a customer makes a purchase. Collecting their name, email address, shipping address, and delivery options is essential for you — but might be a dread to your customers. 

From browsing to making payments, length procedures can be an obstacle that hinders your conversion rates. After all, you want to remove any extra steps during the checkout process to make it as frictionless as possible. 

This is where one-click checkout comes in. 

But what exactly is it and how can it help you streamline the checkout process? Read on to find out more!

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What is a one-click checkout?

Shopify’s one-click checkout is a feature that allows customers to buy items from your store with just a single click. 

By default, Shopify has a 4-page checkout flow:

  1. Cart
  2. Customer information
  3. Shipping information
  4. Payment

The one-click checkout means that customers only need to fill in their details once. This means that their name, email address, and shipping address will be saved and pre-filled when they return to the same website to make another purchase. 

This saves customers a great deal of time and provides a better experience, rather than being forced to navigate to a separate payment screen and having to re-enter their details all over again. 

Is the one-click checkout in Shopify beneficial for you?

One-click checkouts eliminate lengthy procedures that happen between browsing and paying. Online shoppers simply take a few seconds to go from browsing to making payments — which is a win-win for both the merchant and customer.

According to statistics, about 26% of shoppers abandon their shopping carts because they find the checkout process too long. After all, the more steps you have during the checkout process, the more time your customers have to reconsider their purchasing decision. 

That said, one-click checkouts can greatly reduce cart abandonment and checkout abandonment

So the answer is yes — a one-click checkout is definitely beneficial for your e-commerce business. 

However, it’s only beneficial to merchants that sell low-ticket items. That’s because naturally, items that require less investment are more likely to be impulse purchases. They require less time to dwell over the purchase compared to something that’s more expensive. 

Shop Pay: Shopify’s One-Click System

Shop Pay is a checkout system exclusively available for all Shopify merchants
Shop Pay is a checkout system exclusively available for all Shopify merchants

Shop Pay is a checkout system exclusively available for all Shopify merchants. Despite being introduced only in 2017, the app has become one of the most popular payment methods.

Shop Pay already has 100 million signed-up shoppers, including those who have never made purchases before. The app makes Shopify items ready to buy by saving, encrypting, and auto-filling the checkout fields on other Shop carts.

If you’re considering using Shop Pay, you’d be happy to know that Shop Pay checkouts have a 1.72 times higher average checkout-to-order rate as compared to going through regular checkouts. 

However, do note that Shop Pay is only compatible with Shopify and Shopify Plus.

How Shop Pay Works

Basically, when a customer enters their billing information and chooses Shop Pay, their personal details will be remembered for future purchases.

Before you use Shop Pay, you will first have to log in using your email address. If you do not have a Shop Pay account, you can link to Shop Pay through your mobile number. 

When you use your mobile, you will receive a 6-digit code from Shop Pay via SMS to verify your account. After the verification is complete, you can check out faster on your subsequent purchases.

Your customers’ personal details like shipping address and payment details will be automatically pre-filled for future purchases. This information will be stored across the platform and accelerate the checkout process. 

Is Shop Pay secure?

Yes, Shop Pay is a secure payment processor. All Shopify payments are powered by Stripe, which is a trusted payment gateway for e-commerce websites. 

Stripe follows all the strict security requirements when storing credit and debit card information. So, you don’t have to worry about the app as information shared on Shop Pay is protected and encrypted.

How good is Shop Pay?

As a merchant, Shop Pay offers the best chance of gaining new customers and retaining them. Apart from that, it is a free system for Shopify Merchants.

Shop Pay product is available even to non-Shopify merchants. Shopify made Shop Pay available to any merchant in the U.S. who sells on Facebook or Google, regardless of whether they use Shopify’s product. 

Therefore, all merchants on Shopify will have the advantage of accessing more customers via Google Search. 

What’s great about using Shop Pay

Faster checkout

Of course, as the main topic of this article, using a one-click checkout option means a faster checkout process.

Shop Pay enables shoppers to make payments faster with the one-click. If you have ever purchased anything from the Shopify store, you can place subsequent orders without refilling the forms. 

Furthermore,  you can skip the code verification step in your next purchase when using the same device. Here are some of the information that Shop Pay can remember:

  • Your credit card details
  • Your mobile phone number
  • Billing address
  • Shipping address

You can save up to five credit card details and five shipping address details when using Shop Pay.

Pay in installments

Shop Pay has adopted the ‘Buy Now, Pay Later’ trend like many other retail markets. If you place an order worth $50 to $3,000, Shop Pay allows you to pay in 4 equal installments. It will then calculate the installment payment amounts and the period of payment.

There are no charges such as interest or fines when using Shop Pay Installments, nor does opting for this method cause any impact on your credit scores. However, if you make a late payment, you will be banned from using Shop Pay for your subsequent purchases. 

Unfortunately, not every merchant can access the Shop Pay installments. Only Shopify stores based in the U.S., stores that use the English language, and stores that use USD as their primary currency can access Shop Pay installments.

Ease of use

Shop Pay is easy to use because it has a smooth, straightforward, and simple design that is easy to navigate. You can easily activate the Shop Pay function from your Shopify dashboard, and you can do this using your desktop or mobile device. 

Shop Pay also supports a variety of cards such as Visa, Mastercard, and many other cards that your e-commerce store supports. For you to integrate your cards with Shop Pay:

  • They must have an active card. Customers need to activate their card before using it. 
  • Their billing information must match their bank account details. 
  • They must be able to make online purchases
  • Customers must use a supported debit or credit card

Create sustainable growth

Shop Pay plays a role in protecting the environment against any harm caused by its delivery. 

Whenever they deliver a product, they will calculate the amount of carbon emission for every drive and provide you with an estimated number of trees needed to offset that amount of carbon dioxide. You can find this information in the sustainability section of your Shop Pay app. 


Customer checkouts should be as simple as possible to avoid distractions and prevent drop-offs. That’s why a one-click checkout is ideal in most situations to reduce the time it takes for customers to make a purchase.

We hope that this article has helped you understand a one-click checkout process better and how you can implement it for your Shopify store. 

For more of such tips and advice, check out our blog!

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