How To Effectively Sell On Facebook Marketplace

Venturing onto Facebook to generate more sales? Read on as we share 6 best practices for selling on Facebook Marketplace.

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Facebook still sits at the highest throne as the social media platform with the highest number of active users

It has gone beyond a sharing community to become an immense marketing channel for business. Small enterprises to big companies can promote and sell their products online on Facebook. 

One of the latest branches of the enormous platform is the Facebook Marketplace. As of 2021, it has reached 1.1 billion users and has helped many brands including small businesses with its ad services.

It’s never too late to join the stream. So, we’ve pieced together some tips on how to effectively sell on Facebook Marketplace to help you make the best use of the platform and generate results faster.


4 reasons to consider Facebook Marketplace

Facebook launched its marketplace in 2015, enabling users to sell and buy things virtually. Amid many e-commerce platforms, is Facebook Marketplace still worth trying for businesses?

It’s a simple yes, as long as they have a robust strategy and approach, businesses can generate positive results from it. Before delving deeper into this topic, let’s find out why Facebook Marketplace should be your marketing channel. 

1. Facebook demographic

From the time you sign up for Facebook, it automatically requests access to your location. According to your area, Facebook will create personalized content suggestions relevant to your surroundings.

The Facebook demographic mapping is beneficial for businesses. They can reach relevant audiences and potential customers easier and make deals faster. 

Nevertheless, Facebook doesn’t limit buyers to looking for desirable products which are not in their area. The browsing options are limitless in different regions across cities and countries.

2. Market and ad features

Facebook has equipped its marketplace with many useful features, both for sellers and buyers. The team has been upgrading the market features and even adding more over the years.

Users can search for products based on campaigns, categories, and locations. They can also create listings, view transaction history, set custom bids, message buyers, and other features.

For sellers, Facebook has ad features to help them reach their target audience faster. Sellers can go to Ads Manager and choose ad types based on their goals, such as Brand Awareness, Traffic, Reach, Video views, Lead Generation, and so forth.

3. Ease of use

Facebook Marketplace is well known for its intuitive interface. Even newcomers can use the platform without any significant problems. Buyers can easily browse and look for their desired goods comfortably. They can even find the perfect freelance jobs on it.

They can also filter categories and locations to find the products they want faster. The process of browsing, choosing, and paying for products can be done in simple steps.

Moreover, sellers can easily display products and track their sales performance. Facebook Marketplace provides analytics pages to track their Facebook marketing performance and sales records.

4. Cost-effective

After all, Facebook Marketplace is a cost-effective place for businesses. Unlike other e-commerce platforms and marketplaces, Facebook Marketplace doesn’t charge fees from sellers and buyers.

However, businesses still need to splurge some budgets to use the advertisement features. Even so, using its ad features is still worth trying considering the greater benefits it generates.

6 best practices to sell on Facebook Marketplace

Now, we’re down to learn some best practices to sell products on Facebook Marketplace. Knowing some tips allows you to work efficiently and, most importantly, generate profit faster.

1. Learn the Facebook Marketplace guidelines

Before displaying your products and selling them, you must learn the Facebook Marketplace guidelines. Facebook has Commerce Policies that cover some product and content prohibitions.

You should follow the ethical consideration to win on Facebook Marketplace. Some things you can’t do on Facebook Marketplace include:

  • Selling fake items
  • Selling services
  • Providing a different description and photo product
  • Selling animals and healthcare
  • Providing before-after pictures

2. Invest in high-quality product photos

Providing high-quality product photos is necessary to attract customers. So, consider learning basic photography skills before selling your products on the platform.

Use a high-quality camera to take pictures of your products. A phone camera is always okay as long as it has great quality. You can do a bit of photo editing to enhance your product without dramatically changing its visuals.

3. Write detailed descriptions

Also, make sure to write a detailed description of your product. If you’re selling clothes, information like size, color, and the fabric is necessary. Or, if you sell skincare products, input information such as ingredients, how-to-use, and recommendations.

You can also emphasize your product characteristics and exclusive features to attract potential buyers. Add a CTA if you want to convert audiences faster.

4. Price your product competitively

Setting prices for your products is always tricky. Going too high and too low may not be a good idea. So, the best recommendation before setting prices for your product is to do competitor research.

You can see the price range for similar products. You can go with the average price or just a bit lower to attract customers. However, you also need to consider many things before setting product prices, such as spending on producing, marketing, and packing products.

5. Post your listing to related Facebook Groups

If using ads is still out of your budget, you can always do the promotions manually. Facebook groups are a great place to put your posts to get an instant spotlight.

Make sure to choose groups that are related to your product’s niche. In addition, don’t post too much and avoid being too pushy as it can be spammy and annoy the group members.

6. Respond to inquiries quickly

One of the keys to winning and building customer relationships is to respond quickly. Prospective buyers always want to see answers from brands within 24 hours. The quicker you respond to their inquiries, the faster you convert them.

Facebook Marketplace has a chat feature where customers and sellers can interact. So, it would be best if you or your employee could stand by on the platform to monitor any activity from customers.

The bottom line

Considering the vast number of Facebook users and tons of selling features, Facebook Marketplace is worth trying as a place to sell products. Moreover, Facebook Marketplace is a cost-effective platform suitable for businesses of all scales.

The two last tips are to create plans and strategies before jumping into the platform and research your competitors and target audience to build robust marketing strategies. When you come all-prepared, you can generate results faster.

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