Which Reamaze Pricing Plan Is Better For You?

Are you planning to use Reamaze? We dive deeper into their pricing plans, features, and which plan is the most suitable for your business.
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In your search for an e-commerce helpdesk platform to deliver exceptional customer support, you would have come across Reamaze. 

Reamaze is an integrated customer service, live chat, and helpdesk platform for online businesses. The software allows your reps to easily manage all customer support channels such as email, video call, SMS, Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), and push notifications in one place. 

But, choosing the software is one thing — deciding which plan to go for is a whole other ball game. 

This is why we’ve gone the extra mile to examine Reamaze’s pricing plans in detail and discuss why they might (or might not) be suitable for your business. 

Let’s dive right in! 👇


Reamaze’s pricing at a glance

Here’s a brief overview of Reamaze’s pricing and features:

An in-depth look at Reamaze's pricing plans

Reamaze’s features

Now that you’re somewhat familiar with Reamaze’s pricing plans and the features, let’s go through each feature in detail and what these features mean for you. There are a total of 17 main features across their plans.

1. Unlimited email inboxes

💡 Available in all plans

All Reamaze plans support unlimited email channels so you can have multiple emails for every department and user. Having multiple email inboxes allows you to route incoming emails to dedicated departments, functions, or users, so you can manage and organize them more effectively.

2. Chatbots

💡 Available in all plans

Chatbots help you to reduce customer support volume by addressing common customer questions and requests. It removes the frequent tediousness of handling basic customer queries while simultaneously providing immediate answers to customers.

With Reamaze, you can use prebuilt chatbots to answer order-related questions, send welcome messages, and answer FAQs. 

You can also design custom multi-step chatbots to guide customers to specific products, qualify leads, and schedule calls.

3. Live Chat

💡 Available in all plans

Live chat allows you to offer proactive support to web visitors and gives them the ability to chat with your reps in real-time. 

The chat widget can help to direct shoppers to specific product pages, recover abandoned carts, or simply offer an alternative way to reach out to your team. 

Reamaze offers two modes for live chat: Real Time Chat and Classic Chat.

Real Time Chat is like any other chat inbox, where your team engages with customers asynchronously. This means both parties don’t have to be online at the same time and you can choose to chat with customers in real-time.

For the Classic Chat mode, it works as a more traditional “live agent” experience where both you and your customer have to be online at the same time to chat. It is suitable when your team is dedicated to having a ‘live’ presence and provides options like Availability Hours. 

Do note that the Classic Chat Mode is only available to Plus plan users.

4. Shared inbox

💡 Available in all plans

Reamaze’s unified inbox houses all your communication channels in one place — email, live chat, Facebook, Messenger, Instagram, Twitter, and SMS. This allows you to efficiently manage and monitor customer conversations from one centralized location.

The shared inbox also promotes collaboration between team members with features such as internal notes, real-time event logs, and forwarded conversations. 

5. Proactive messages (Cues)

💡 Available in all plans

Also known as Cues, Reamaze gives you the ability to proactively send messages or prompts to your customers. 

Some common Cues include:

  • Up-selling a product
  • Cross-selling another product
  • Targeted promotions
  • Announcing holiday, special, and VIP events
  • Abandoned cart recovery

And many more!

Alongside your proactive messages, you can opt to include a call-to-action (CTA) to encourage your customers to take a specific action, such as checking out their cart or visiting your product page. 

Setting up rules and conditions helps you to segment customers into groups in order for the Cues to be triggered. In other words, customers have to satisfy the conditions in order for them to receive a proactive message.

6. Workflow automation

💡 Available in all plans

Workflow automation refers to a series of events that trigger an action automatically. For example, you can create a workflow to automatically route a customer conversation to the most qualified rep to handle it. 

These workflows help to reduce lead response times and automate repetitive tasks. 

7. Response templates

💡 Available in all plans

Response templates are also referred to as ‘macros’, ‘frequently used replies’, or ‘canned responses’. They are ready-made responses, like message templates, that you can use to respond to your customers faster. 

8. Customizable email appearance

💡 Available in Pro and Plus plans

An email appearance is what customers see when they receive a reply from you via email.

You can choose from 3 different email appearances:

  • Enhanced HTML Email Template: This is the default email appearance that just shows an avatar picture and text in a simple HTML layout. 
  • Simple Email Template: This makes your replies look like normal emails with the content of your message and your signature. This template is suitable if you want your customers to feel like your responses are coming through regular email. 
  • Custom Email Template: This template allows you to use Liquid Markup to customize your own email template. Use this setting if you’re comfortable doing simple coding in HTML or CSS and you want to customize the appearance of your emails.

9. SMS and voice channels

💡 Available in Pro and Plus plans

Apart from email and live chat, Reamaze has SMS and voice channels so you can provide a diverse range of customer support. SMS and voice support also help to enhance the efficiency of your team.

Reamaze supports native SMS and MMS mobile channel integrations through Twilio, ClickSend, RingCentral, and SMSBump. For voice channels, Reamaze integrates with Aircall, RingCentral, AT&T Office@Hand, and JustCall — unlocking more features like voicemail recordings, call logs, and click-to-call capabilities.

10. Reporting

💡 Differs for each plan

Reamaze offers reporting to give you deeper insight into the performance of your customer support operations and reps. The higher the tier, the more data and reporting you have access to. 

The Basic plan comes with basic reporting, which includes:

  • Volume Report
  • Channel Summary Report
  • Response Time Report
  • First Response Resolve Rate Report
  • Average Thread Size Report
  • Shopify Attributed Orders Report (only if you have a Shopify store connected)

The Pro plan comes with advanced reporting which includes everything in basic reporting, and:

  • Appreciations Report
  • Satisfaction Ratings Report
  • Response Template Usage Report
  • Tags Report
  • Workflow Report
  • Outbound Report
  • Bot Processed Report

Plus plan users get access to basic reporting, advanced reporting, and: 

  • Staff Summary Report
  • Individual Staff Reports

11. Live dashboard

💡 Available in Pro and Plus plans

Reamaze’s Live dashboard allows you to see what your customers are doing in real-time. You get to:

  • Visualize live website traffic in real-time
  • Find out how online users are interacting with your website
  • See a list of online users including their timezone, geolocation, current URL, and a list of historical activity events
  • Send them real-time, targeted messages for proactive engagement to increase sales 

12. Custom hosted domain

💡 Available in Pro and Plus plans

By default, your standalone FAQ or support page will be hosted on a Reamaze domain. This means you can change your domain to something like ‘help.yourdomain.com’. 

Setting up a custom domain will allow you to:

  • Host your public support page at a custom domain of your choice
  • Access your Reamaze account from your own domain

13. Live screen sharing

💡 Available in Plus plan only

Also known as Peek, this feature grants you instant access to co-browse the customer’s screen so you can see what they’re seeing on your website, storefront, or web app. This allows you to swiftly and accurately address customer frustrations and pain points as they browse through your website. 

The live screen sharing feature can also be used to facilitate sales conversations as reps are able to guide customers along and better communicate what customers should do next. 

Peek is only active for customers who are currently on your website, storefront, or web app. Once they leave, Peek will be deactivated for security reasons.

14. Departments

💡 Available in Plus plan only

The Departments feature allows you to reassign conversations to a whole department, rather than to a specific rep. For example, you can assign a customer conversation to the sales team so they can better close the deal.

Departments can then easily view and collaborate on conversations that are meant for them.

15. Staff shifts and vacation days

💡 Available in Plus plan only

Staff shifts allow your reps to manage their personal work hours and vacation days. Shifts are used in two ways:

  • Reps outside of their Shifts will not be eligible for Smart Assign. 
  • Reps responding to conversations outside of their Shifts will not have Response Times recorded for those responses.

If any new messages arrive on conversations assigned to a user during a Vacation Day, the conversation will become unassigned and shows an ‘Awaiting’ status to other team members. Conversations reopened from an ‘On Hold’ status will also become unassigned if the assigned staff is on a Vacation Day.

Both these features help you better reps’ availability windows, especially if you have reps working across different shifts and time zones.

16. Customizable staff roles

💡 Available in Plus plan only

With Reamaze, you can create different roles and permissions for different reps. Roles are a flexible way to assign different functions to each rep, as some may handle sales conversations and others may handle social media conversations. 

Roles can also have specific permission settings so you can accurately control access to certain information or data. Some permissions include: 

  • Manage account settings, including channels, workflows, and templates
  • Manage account subscription and payment
  • Restricted access to specific channels

17. Customer satisfaction surveys

💡 Available in Plus plan only

Customer satisfaction is a great indicator to determine the quality of your customer service. In fact, 76% of customers use the quality of customer service as a gauge to determine how much a company values them.

That said, Reamaze provides customer satisfaction surveys so that you can easily collect feedback from your customers. 

Satisfaction Surveys can be built using three different templates:

  • Smiley faces (default template)
  • Descriptive (satisfied, very satisfied, etc.)
  • Stars (1-5)

Reamaze’s Classic Chat live chat mode also supports satisfaction surveys directly within the chatbox once the chat has ended. This makes it easier to get customers to rate your support and leave feedback for your team. 

An in-depth look at Reamaze’s pricing plans

Basic Plan

An in-depth look at Reamaze's pricing plans

For the Basic plan, you get pretty decent features such as proactive messages, chatbots, and live chat. These features are sufficient for handling your customer support if you just started out or you only have a small customer support team.

Basic plan users can also set up workflow automation, which is great in helping reduce the workload for your reps. Though, if you’re a small e-commerce business, there wouldn’t be a high volume of queries coming in. Nonetheless, it’s still a useful feature to have.

On the downside, you have much less freedom for customization — such as your domain or email appearance. So you’re pretty much forced to stick to hosting your support page on the default Reamaze domain and using existing templates to send emails.

Also, if your support centers heavily around SMS or calls, this plan would be out of the question.

Who should use this plan: Start-ups and solopreneurs with small support teams can opt for the Basic plan. At an affordable price, Reamaze offers pretty good features, solid data reporting, and workflow automation (which is usually only available to higher-tiered users with other helpdesk platforms).

Pro Plan

An in-depth look at Reamaze's pricing plans

There isn’t a huge difference in price, but the same can’t be said for the features unlocked in the Pro plan! 

You get more customization that you couldn’t get in the Basic plan, with the customizable email appearance and option to use your own domain. Also, if you’re planning to use SMS and calls to take care of your support, you have access to Reamaze’s many SMS and VoIP integrations in the Pro plan. 

However, you’re still missing out on important features like staff shifts, departments, and customer satisfaction surveys.

Who should use this plan: Small to medium-sized businesses can consider using the Pro plan. With more advanced features to support more reps, a live dashboard, and bumped-up reporting, this plan gives you pretty much all that you need from an e-commerce helpdesk.

Plus plan

An in-depth look at Reamaze's pricing plans

Of course, the most expensive plan will give you all the advanced features for your customer support needs. 

Aside from advanced reporting, you also get staff reporting, which is extremely useful in monitoring the performance of your reps. Having the option to assign conversations to different reps and departments is definitely a plus, since users who opt for this plan are generally larger organizations with more customers. This can help streamline and manage your conversations better.

Lastly, you get the live screen sharing feature which can help you offer even better support to your customers and a quicker resolution.

Who should use this plan: Businesses with large support teams and a high volume of incoming support questions should consider using the Plus plan. Gaining access to such advanced features will surely take your customer support to the next level. 

Reamaze pricing plan FAQs

Now that we’ve gone through each of Reamaze’s pricing plans, let’s answer some burning questions you may have with regards to their plans and features.

Does Reamaze have a cheaper alternative?

Yes, Reamaze has a Starter plan option. At a flat rate of $59 per month, the Starter plan offers all of the features in the Basic plan for unlimited team members. However, the catch is you’re limited to 500 responded conversations per month

They also offer a 14-day free trial where you get access to all their features to test out the product to see if it fits your business needs. 

Is ‘conversations’ the same as ‘tickets’?

Yes. Generally, most helpdesk software refer to conversations as tickets, but they mean the same thing. Tickets (and conversations) simply refer to a conversation with a customer, including multiple replies on the same thread, regardless of channel. It can be via email, SMS, live chat, and more. 

Can my whole team use Reamaze?

Yes, but you would have to pay more for your whole team to use the platform. As Reamaze’s pricing model runs on ‘per user per month’, you’ll be charged for every rep that uses the app. 

Because Reamaze runs on such a pricing model, it can accumulate and become quite expensive if you decide to onboard your whole team. If you’re thinking of using the Plus plan and have 5 reps, your monthly total would amount to $69 X 5 = $345. 

However, their Starter plan can be used by unlimited team members at a flat rate of $59 per month.

What integrations does Reamaze support?

Reamaze has about 46 integrations options, ranging from CRM to payments. Some integrations include:

Is it cheaper if a subscribe for the long term?

No. As Reamaze only offers monthly payments, there is no difference in upfront costs between subscribing for the short term versus for the long term. 

Does Reamaze have a custom plan?

Yes. If you feel that some of the features in the plans offered aren’t sufficient or don’t suit your needs, Reamaze’s Enterprise plan allows you to customize your plan. You can mix and match features from the Pro and Plus plans and add them to a Basic Plan.

Is there a better alternative?

And there you have it — a comprehensive breakdown of Remaze’s pricing plans and features. We hope that this article will help you in deciding which plan best suits your business needs. 

However, even with such robust customer support features, this software might still not fall within your budget or needs.

After all, there’s no one-size-fits-all solution. 

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