Purchase WhatsApp Virtual Numbers With NovoChat

Need to purchase WhatsApp virtual numbers? Learn about how you can get a WhatsApp virtual number for verification with NovoChat.
Faye Chong
Faye Chong

Content Marketing Lead

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We’re excited to announce that you can now purchase virtual numbers for WhatsApp with NovoChat!  🎉

If you didn’t know, you can send WhatsApp broadcasts and automation with your own personal phone number (that’s registered when you create a WhatsApp Business account) or using a phone number that’s provided by your WhatsApp Business Provider. In this case, when using NovoChat, we provide a NovoChat approved number.

This makes it much easier to send WhatsApp broadcasts and automation using a verified number so that you don’t get flagged for spam by your customers. 

This new feature is perfect for businesses that want to rotate across multiple WhatsApp numbers, and also prevents your personal WhatsApp number from getting reported for frequent broadcasts. 

Furthermore, for businesses who don’t wish to use their own WhatsApp number, purchasing a virtual number still gives you credibility without the worry of getting an influx of messages on your personal device. 

Each new number comes at a cost of $5. 

To get started, go to app.novochat.co/users/sign_up or click the button below. Simply go to Settings > Purchase Number > Purchase Numbers.

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