The Top 7 Klaviyo Competitors For SMS Marketing

Klaviyo is a big name in the SMS marketing space, but is it the right tool for you? We take a look at 7 Klaviyo competitors to determine the best software for your business.
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You would have come across Klaviyo in your search for the right SMS marketing software for your e-commerce business. Being one of the major players in the SMS marketing space, it boasts several powerful features to support email and SMS automation. 

Of course, even as a popular platform, it is not without its flaws.

That said, which other Klaviyo competitors stand out from the crowd? Which of them suits your business needs better?

Let’s take a look at other alternative SMS marketing automation providers out there so you can make a more informed decision. 


What makes Klaviyo great

Text message scheduling

Klaviyo’s SMS messaging features are just as advanced as their email marketing features. User reviews have raved about the software’s text message scheduling feature that allows businesses to deliver messages at the optimal timing. 

The feature also allows you to create defined customer segments, such as the most engaged customers or least engaged customers. You can then send highly targeted SMS marketing campaigns to increase engagement rates.

Advanced SMS flows

Klaviyo’s SMS flows are one of the most advanced in the SMS marketing space. These SMS flows allow you to send personalized and automated messages to nurture and build relationships with your customers. 

With SMS flows, you can trigger a message (or a series of messages) based on when someone joins a list, is added to a segment, or takes any other action — such as making a purchase or abandoning their cart. 

Coupled with text message scheduling, these features help you create a powerful SMS marketing strategy.

Deep integration with Shopify

Klaviyo’s deep integration with Shopify helps e-commerce businesses send more personalized and targeted communications. Klaviyo collects and stores all relevant data about your customers so you can use it to send customized offers and drive engagement. 

Integrating with Shopify also means that you can trigger SMS flows based on dates, events, list membership, or use splits, A/B tests, and more to target and optimize your SMS marketing campaign.

Downsides of using Klaviyo

Non-intuitive interface

Klaviyo’s full-fledged features are great at helping you increase your sales — if you’re familiar with how to use them.

This means that for businesses venturing into SMS marketing for the first time, you could feel lost and find that the learning curve is much steeper when using Klaviyo. 

Klaviyo’s user reviews stated that the software has a poor user interface.
Klaviyo’s user reviews stated that the software has a poor user interface.

High price point

Having such advanced SMS features doesn’t come at a high price. At an estimated 1000 SMS contacts, you would be paying $225 every month. While this might seem negligible at the beginning, such costs add up

As you start to scale your business, you’d need more room for SMS contacts, and hence you’ll have to be paying more. Compared to some other software in the market, Klaviyo is definitely a more expensive option.

Poor customer service

Klaviyo’s users have expressed their dissatisfaction with the customer support reps.

Klaviyo’s users have expressed their dissatisfaction with the customer support reps.
Klaviyo’s users have expressed their dissatisfaction with the customer support reps.

In the sea of 5-star reviews, customers who gave poor ratings frequently cited a common reason for their dissatisfaction — the lack of helpful customer service support despite the software’s technicality. 

Top Klaviyo competitors


Attentive is a personalized mobile messaging platform for e-commerce businesses. Using real-time behavioral data, Attentive automatically sends engaging text messages to your customers to drive more revenue. 

With Attentive, you can create two-tap sign-up forms that convert site visitors into SMS and email subscribers and also segment your customers to send them more targeted messaging.

💡 Standout feature: Two-tap sign-up forms

Other features: Design editor, audience manager, display rules

💰 Pricing: Request for a demo


MessageBird is a communications platform-as-a-service (CPaaS) solution that offers omnichannel communication on a cloud platform. Its unified portal allows businesses to track all interactions with customers and easily view customer data.

It supports the use of WhatsApp Business API to integrate the MessageBird system with your business software, and also a native centralized inbox and flow builder for your team to directly access message conversations.

💡 Standout feature: Flow builder to manage messages

✨ Other features: Video scheduling, omnichannel widget, omnichannel inbox

💰 Pricing: From $0.005 per WhatsApp message, plus monthly plans – Startup: Free, Pro: $50, Pro Plus: $150, Custom: Request for a quote


NovoChat is a chat marketing solution built for e-commerce businesses. It connects with multiple chat messaging platforms such as WhatsApp, Messenger, and Telegram. 

You can create automated WhatsApp flows for abandoned cart recovery, order confirmations, and more. NovoChat’s multi-channel inbox allows you to view all conversations with customers without having to toggle between different tabs. Conduct multi-agent customer support across multiple platforms with easy agent assignment.

Furthermore, the app’s broadcast feature also bypasses all strict WhatsApp guidelines, such as the 24-hour session window, 256 recipient limit, and template rules. You can also send personalized messages in bulk by simply uploading a CSV. file of your contacts and crafting individual messages for each recipient.

💡 Standout feature: WhatsApp automation triggers based on Shopify data

✨ Other features: Broadcast messaging, Multi-channel inbox, multi-channel website widget, Advanced analytics

💰 Pricing: Solo: $7, Starter: $20, Pro: $60, Business: $200


SlickText is a cloud-based SMS marketing solution that caters to all industries such as retail, real estate, and e-commerce

SlickText allows users to reward loyal customers and increase offer redemptions via SMS marketing. With SlickText, you can easily schedule text messages and configure auto-replies. One of its main features includes mass text messaging, which allows you to send SMS messages to large groups of people.

💡 Standout feature: Mass text messaging

✨ Other features: Drip campaigns, birthday texts, keyword marketing

💰 Pricing: Free plan, Basic: $29/month, The Step Up: $49/month, The Lil Bro: $79/month, The Big Bro: $139/month, The Boss: $189/month, The Albatross: $350/month, The Whale: $750/month, The Monstro: $1,250/month, Enterprise: Custom pricing


PostScript is an SMS marketing platform for e-commerce businesses. With PostScript, you can grow your subscriber list, create targeted text marketing campaigns using Shopify data, and have two-way communication with your customers. 

You can also send text marketing automation such as abandoned cart recovery, shipping notifications, welcome series, and loyalty offers.

💡 Standout feature: Syncs with Shopify data to automatically send messages

✨ Other features: Customer segmentation, SMS campaigns, Advanced analytics

💰 Pricing: Custom pricing


Sendinblue is an all-in-one marketing platform to help you connect digitally with your customers.

The software offers several features such as SMS marketing tools, email marketing services, and a shared inbox. They also offer a CRM, which allows companies to keep track of every single customer interaction. This feature also allows companies to segment customer contacts into different target groups to send highly targeted marketing campaigns. 

💡 Standout feature: Customer segmentation to send highly personalized campaigns

✨ Other features: Shared inbox, CRM, live chat

💰 Pricing: Free, Lite: $25/month, Premium: $65/month, Enterprise: Custom pricing


Twilio is a cloud communications platform as a service (CPaaS) that offers solutions such as voice over internet protocol (VoIP), WhatsApp Business API, email, and more. Twilio is one of the most popular software in the VoIP space and boasts several features to support its goal to streamline communication between businesses and their customers.

The software also follows a pay-as-you-go pricing model which allows businesses to scale communications more reliably.

💡 Standout feature: Twilio’s WhatsApp API

✨ Other features: Outbound calls, email marketing features, audio and video live streaming experiences

💰 Pricing: Starting at $0.0075 to send or receive a message

So, which Klaviyo competitor is the software for you?

And here’s our list of alternatives to Klaviyo for SMS marketing solutions! 🥳

We hope that this has given you a better understanding of the options available for businesses of different sizes and needs. 

Now for the million-dollar question: Which software you should use?

As we always like to say, it depends. There is no one-size-fits-all solution as different software works best for different businesses.

That said, PostScript is a great option if you’re doubling down on your SMS marketing efforts and want to drive more engagement. With the software’s text marketing automation, you can send timely messages to capture your customer’s attention. 

On the other hand, if you’re thinking of venturing into chat marketing, NovoChat is a great option to support you. It connects with several popular chat messaging platforms, offers WhatsApp automation, and even a multi-channel chat widget you can include on your website. 

If you still can’t make up your mind, remember that many of these software come with a free trial. Make use of them and try them out yourself to know what really fits! In fact, NovoChat comes with a free trial as well, so why not give us a try? 😉

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