How Do I Integrate Slack To Receive Message Notifications?

With NovoChat, you can integrate with Slack to receive notifications when you have new messages. Find out how you can do it in this tutorial!
Huang Jing Jie (JJ)
Huang Jing Jie (JJ)

CEO & Co-founder

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Hey guys 👋 Back at it again with yet another tutorial, and this time, it’s about integrating NovoChat with Slack!

Whether you’re using NovoChat for sales or customer support, the main goal is that you want to reply to your leads and customers quickly. However, more often than not, you get too focused on work and don’t actively check your chat apps for new messages (we’re guilty of that too).

But what if you miss a message from a lead? What if it was an urgent matter? What if it was a good sales opportunity?

Fret not because with NovoChat’s Slack integration, you’ll get pinged every time a new message comes in!

Let’s find out how you can set it up in a few simple steps 👇

Step-by-step guide to integrate Slack

If you don’t have the time to go through all the steps, I explain it in this short 2-minute video! 👆

Step 1:

In the Slack app directory, search for Incoming WebHooks and click on ‘Add to Slack’.

Step 2:

Select a Slack channel (or create a new one) then click on ‘Add Incoming WebHooks Integration’.

Step 3:

Scroll down and find your Slack app’s WebHook URL, then copy it.

Step 4:

Login to your NovoChat account and select your workspace. Navigate to the Settings page and click on ‘Integrations’. Select Slack.

Step 5:

Paste your webhook’s URL in the ‘Target URL’ field. Enter your Channel and Username, and hit ‘Save’.

You’ll then start to see incoming conversations pinging on your chosen Slack channel!

Pretty easy, right? I hope this has given you a clearer idea of how you can integrate Slack into NovoChat to receive real-time notifications.

See you in my next tutorial! 😉

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Huang Jing Jie (JJ)
Huang Jing Jie (JJ)

JJ is the Co-Founder of Novocall and NovoChat. When he’s not busy building the Novocall brand, he spends his time watching crime shows and documentaries.

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