Interested in Guest Posting for NovoChat?

Here’s all you need to know before submitting your article.

Thanks for your interest in writing for us! Glad to have you here. 

Please submit an application in the form below and take some time to review this entire page — it should give you more clarity on what type of content we are looking for and the guest posting process. 

What topics should you write about?

NovoChat is an e-commerce chat marketing solution. Hence, our blog content revolves around chat marketing and e-commerce strategies/tactics.

Please review our previously published posts to get an idea of our topic focus. 

Writing and SEO guidelines

  • The article title should include the focus keyword. Also, let us know the keyword/s you intend to use.
  • Do write an awesome and eye-catching meta description. Word Limit: No more than 160 characters. Include your chosen keyword in the meta description.
  • Have a minimum of 2-3 H2 headings. H3 sub-headings are recommended.
  • Pictures should be high quality. No blurry pictures.
  • If you are talking about a product or service or brand, use your own screenshots.

Publishing criteria

  • Reflects the writing style of the NovoChat Blog. A friendly and conversational tone. Sort of like a friend coming to you for advice.
  • Your writing should be easy to read, without fluff, and jargon-free. The post should be between 1,000 to 1,800 words.
  • The article should be original content that is not plagiarized by any means. The content you write for us should not be published elsewhere.
  • Proper citations and attribution of all data, numbers, quotations, and outside content referenced in your article. Use recent and sourced examples to illustrate all the points you make.
  • Please do not use stock images.
  • No stuffing of links. A maximum of *8-10 links and where deem fit.
    • *This is subjected to the length or type of the article and will be edited by our marketing team.
  • Link to other NovoChat blog posts in your article. For example, if you are writing a post on WhatsApp Broadcast, link to NovoChat’s WhatsApp Broadcast articles.

Things we reject automatically

  • Anything that we have covered before on our blogs. Please do a quick scan of our blog before submitting your article.
  • Anything that has no contextual relevance to our blog. 
  • Anything that has bad grammar and sentence structure. 
  • Anything that may be construed as a link-building scheme.
  • Anything that is too promotional for your company or organization.
  • Anything that is offensive or inaccurate.

The fine print

  • NovoChat reserves the right to edit your writing to suit our blog writing style and as we see fit.’
  • NovoChat reserves the right to update your guest post in the future to maintain accuracy and relevancy.
  • Submissions must meet the NovoChat marketing team’s quality standards in order to get published. Editors reserve the right to reject contributions at their discretion.
  • NovoChat reserves the right to use the guest blog author’s likeness across our content as we see fit, including but not limited to Novocall’s social media channels.
  • You cannot republish your guest post to your own blog, LinkedIn, Medium, Substack, or any other publishing medium you own. However, it is recommended to share the article and build links to it.
  • Once your article has been published, you will no longer be able to request to add additional links.
  • In rare cases, contributed posts may be removed from the blog to recycle the URL.

How to submit a guest post for NovoChat

Step 1: Fill out the application form below. This form helps us understand who’s writing for us and the possible topics you’re suggesting: 

Our marketing team will review your application and contact you regarding your status.*

* Any emails sent without submitting the form will not be entertained — We will only be contacting those who have submitted the form accordingly. Due to the volume of requests we receive, please understand that we cannot reply to everyone. 

Step 2: Once you’ve been given the green light to write for us, you can go ahead and start churning out your content!

Feel free to use editing tools like Grammarly or SEMRush SEO Writing Assistant to ensure your content is of the highest quality.

Step 3: Include these assets:

  • A short bio (2-3 sentences) about yourself.
  • 1 link to your socials and 1 link to your company website (or, either one).
  • Your best picture (make sure it’s clear and square).

Step 4: Submit your finished guest post with the following:

  • Formatted subject line: “Guest Post: [Tentative Title of Post]”
  • Your post in Google Docs (remember to switch on editing permissions!)

If your submitted article aligns with our content strategy, we will reach out to you and let you know when your article has been published. This may take up to  2 weeks.

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