Which Gorgias Pricing Plan Is Better For You?

Are you planning to use Gorgias? We dive deeper into their pricing plans, features, and which plan is the most suitable for your business.
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In your search for an e-commerce helpdesk software to deliver exceptional customer support, you would have come across Gorgias

Gorgias is a customer support and live chat tool for e-commerce and direct-to-consumer (D2C) brands. The software allows your reps to easily manage all customer support and conversations in one place. 

But, choosing the software is one thing — deciding which plan to go for is a whole other ball game. 

This is why we’ve gone the extra mile to examine Gorgias’ pricing plans in detail and discuss why they might (or might not) be suitable for your business. 

Let’s dive right in! 👇


Gorgias’ pricing at a glance

Here’s a brief overview of Gorgias’ pricing and features:

An overview of Gorgias' pricing plans.

Gorgias’ features

Now that you’re somewhat familiar with Gorgias’ pricing plans and the features, let’s go through each feature in detail and what these features mean for you. There are a total of 14 main features across all their plans.

1. Unlimited Number of Users

💡 Available in all plans

As with most helpdesk software, Gorgias charges you based on your monthly ticket volume instead of the number of users. Hence, you can have multiple team members on every plan with no limit.

2. Social Media Integrations

💡 Available in all plans

Helpdesk tools should offer integrations to social media platforms so you can chat with your customers on all the popular platforms like Facebook and Twitter. After all, you’d want to provide as much support as possible, no matter where your customers are reaching out from. 

That said, Gorgias offers social media app integrations across all their plans, but only the Advanced and Enterprise plans offer integrations to Twitter. 

3. Live Chat

💡 Available in all plans

Gorgias’ live chat feature allows you to sell, support, and engage with your customers in real-time. 

The chat widget can help to direct shoppers to specific product pages, collect their contact information to create a support ticket, or simply offer an alternative way to reach out to your team. 

The chat widget is customizable to fit the look and feel of your website so you can change the avatar, color, and create a custom greeting message.

4. Chat Campaigns

💡 Available in all plans

Working in tandem with the live chat widget, you can set up chat campaigns to automatically message a customer first and offer proactive support or encourage sales. These proactive chats can be triggered to pop-up based on the page your customer is on or the time they spent on the page. 

5. Macros and Rules

💡 Available in all plans

Macros are pre-made responses with custom variables that you can use to respond to your customers faster — sort of like message templates. You can build a library of responses based on FAQs, insert personalized variables, and send them with one click.

Rules are basically certain criteria you can set to trigger certain actions. Pair macros with rules to create automated responses to deliver important information to your customers such as shipping information or refund updates. 

6. Number of Integrations

💡 Available in all plans

This can be said the same for every software, not just helpdesk solutions — having multiple integration options is always a plus point because businesses get to work with their existing tools. 

This makes using your software much easier because they can connect with their current stack without having to change their processes to fit yours in. 

Gorgias has many integration options, ranging from marketing software to SMS apps. Some of the integrations available on Gorgias include:

  • Klaviyo
  • Loop Returns
  • Gmail
  • Ada
  • WooCommerce
  • ShippingChimp
  • Growave
  • Ringcentral
  • Chatdesk
  • Slack
  • Trustpilot Reviews

And for each plan, they allow up to 150 integrations. How this works is that if you’re an integrated Shopify store with email integration, a subscription service, and 3 social media apps, that means you have a total of 6 integrations

7. Satisfaction Survey

💡 Available in all plans

Customer satisfaction is a great indicator to determine the quality of your customer service. 

In fact, 76% of customers use the quality of customer service as a gauge to determine how much a company values them. And poor customer service actually cost businesses $75 billion back in 2018!

That said, Gorgias provides customer satisfaction surveys so that you can easily collect feedback from your customers. These surveys also allow you to follow-up with customers quickly to understand why customers feel the way they do.

For every survey, you’ll be able to see details such as customer information, amount spent, the rep responsible for the conversation, and the ratings and comments left by the customer. 

You can also filter your these survey results by scores to deepen your understanding on what makes your customers happy or unhappy. 

8. Phone numbers

💡 Differs for each plan

Aside from communicating through chat messaging and emails, Gorgias offers voice support. This allows for faster resolution and convenience, especially when the help needed is urgent. 

When customers call your agents, Gorgias has the ability to display the customer’s e-commerce history, past conversations, and related data from your integrated apps. This is so that your reps can focus on quickly resolving the issue instead of scrambling to find relevant details. 

All plans offer the option for voice support, but the differing factor is the number of phone numbers available. The basic plan comes with 1 phone number, the pro plan with up to 3, the advanced plan with up to 10, and the enterprise plan with a custom limit.

9. Onboarding

💡 Differs for each plan

Online documentation is provided to all Gorgias users, regardless of their plans. However, the type of onboarding provided differs depending on which plan you decide to choose. 

Basic plan users only have self-onboarding, which means you have to set-up the software on your own. The Gorgias team won’t provide any assistance in setting up your account and configuring all the macros or integrations.

Pro plan users get lite onboarding, which includes a session with one of Gorgias’ Success Managers who will take you through the basics of Gorgias and best practices to help get you started.

Full onboarding is given to Advanced and Enterprise users, which means that you get a session with a Dedicated Success Manager who will help you with setting up your account according to your needs.

10. E-commerce Integrations

💡 Available in all plans

As an e-commerce helpdesk solution, Gorgias does provide a handful of e-commerce platforms and apps you can integrate with. This allows you to easily manage your orders or issue refunds without having to toggle between 2 platforms.

These are the e-commerce apps that you can integrate with Gorgias:

  • Shopify
  • Shopify Plus
  • Magento
  • BigCommerce
  • Reveal
  • Tolstoy
  • ChannelReply

All plans offer e-commerce integration, but only the Pro, Advanced, and Enterprise plans give you access to Shopify, Magento, and BigCommerce Integrations.  

11. Revenue Statistics

💡 Available in Pro, Advanced, and Enterprise plans

Revenue statistics give you deeper insight into the conversations that bring the most revenue. See the total sales revenue brought in from customer support through a customer’s purchasing journey and easily track revenue growth in real-time. 

Here are some metrics you can track with Gorgias:

  • Converted tickets: Tickets that were followed by a sale within 5 days
  • Conversion rate: Ratio between created and converted tickets
  • Total sales from support: Sum of the amount paid by customers for orders associated with tickets (converted tickets), including refunds and order adjustments

You can also track the breakdown of sales metrics per rep and the number of new and converted tickets per day or over a specific period of time. 

12. Dedicated Success Manager

💡 Available in Advanced and Enterprise plans

If you’re a Basic or Pro user, you can book one-on-one consultations with a Gorgias Success Manager during office hours. These calls are held bi-weekly and will not cover technical issues that need engineering support.

On the other hand, Advanced and Enterprise users are assigned a Dedicated Success Manager. This means that they enjoy dedicated support regarding any questions they have about their account. 

13. Custom Services

💡 Available in Enterprise plan only

Only Enterprise plan users have the option to request for custom services. This includes any integrations not offered by Gorgias or custom tweaks to your account that the Gorgias team will validate and implement for you. 

14. Monthly Tickets

💡 Differs for each plan

As we mentioned earlier, most (if not all) helpdesk solutions charge users based on the number of tickets, and not on the number of users. 

Of course, the higher up the tier you go, the more tickets you get per month. Here are the number of tickets available for each plan:

  • Basic plan: 350 tickets
  • Pro plan: 2,000 tickets
  • Advanced plan: 5,000 tickets
  • Enterprise plan: Custom ticket volume

Additional tickets can be purchased across all plans at an additional fee. 

An in-depth look at Gorgias’ pricing plans

Basic Plan

An in-depth look at Gorgias’ pricing plans.

For the Basic plan, you get pretty decent features such as the live chat widget, satisfaction survey, and up to 150 integrations. These features are sufficient for handling your customer support if you just started out or you’re a really small business.

We have to stress that you’re faced with a major limitation of only 350 monthly tickets with the Basic plan. Even as a small business, it’s easy to exceed this monthly ticket quota. Although you can purchase 100 extra tickets for $25, that would come up to be about $85 — which is quite costly for only 450 tickets.

The Basic plan also doesn’t offer revenue statistics, so you’re not getting the most out of an e-commerce support tool in helping you measure your support efforts and ROI. 

Lastly, this plan only integrates with Shopify and BigCommerce. While they’re the more common e-commerce platforms, if you’ve built your store on Magento, this plan would be out of the question. 

Who should use this plan: We wouldn’t recommend this plan because of the low monthly ticket volume that most businesses would exceed easily. But if you’re still adamant about choosing the Basic plan, they still offer pretty good features that would be good for small businesses with low order volumes. 

Pro Plan

An in-depth look at Gorgias’ pricing plans.

The jump in the price from the Basic to the Pro plan is quite huge — from $60 to $300 per month. Though you get 2,000 monthly tickets compared to the Basic plan’s 350 tickets, the sharp increase in price is hard to justify.

You do get more features such as more phone numbers, Magento integration, and most importantly, revenue statistics. This plan gives you pretty much all that you need from an e-commerce helpdesk, especially the ability to view metrics like converted tickets, conversion ratio, and sales from support.

Who should use this plan: Small to medium-sized businesses with larger order volumes should definitely consider the Pro plan. The deciding factor between the Basic and Pro plan would be the availability of revenue statistics, which is a must-have (in our opinion). If you have more customers, being able to track such important metrics can do wonders for your business.

Advanced Plan

An in-depth look at Gorgias’ pricing plans.

For $750 per month for the Advanced plan, the helpdesk features don’t differ that much from the Pro plan — just slightly beefed up.

But the extra amount you’re paying, though quite a big jump from the Pro plan, is for the additional 3,000 tickets (from the Pro plan), a Dedicated Success Manager, and full onboarding

The extra support you’re getting apart from help documents can go a long way in helping you set up your account according to your business needs. This can save you a lot of time and effort, especially since Gorgias has a steep learning curve and might take some getting used to. 

Who should use this plan: If you foresee that you need some hand-holding and dedicated customer support is a deal-breaker for you, the Advanced plan seems like a good choice.

Enterprise Plan

An in-depth look at Gorgias’ pricing plans.

Undoubtedly, the Enterprise plan provides you with all the advanced features you need. You get all the features in the Advanced plan, plus a custom limit of phone numbers and custom services. 

This plan is great for large businesses with many monthly orders. The great thing about the Enterprise plan is that most features are customizable, so you can build the perfect plan that suits your business needs.

The best part about the Enterprise plan is the option for custom services, so you can have things built for you by the Gorgias developer team. 

The price of the Enterprise plan will be calculated based on your customizations through a call with the Gorgias team. But, do take note that the price can be hiked up by quite a bit depending on what you’re requesting for.

Who should use this plan: The Enterprise plan is ideal for large businesses that want a certain amount of control and customization of their e-commerce helpdesk took. Also, if you know that you’ll be needing lots of additions and integrations, the custom services option would be a plus point.

Gorgias pricing plan FAQs

Now that we’ve gone through each of Gorgias’ pricing plans, let’s answer some burning questions you may have with regards to their plans and features.

What is a ticket?

A ticket is a conversation with a customer, including multiple replies on the same thread, regardless of channel. It can be via email, phone, chat, and more. Usage only includes tickets that contain a response sent from Gorgias.

Do I have to pay for all tickets received?

No. You only pay for tickets that contain a response sent from Gorgias. In other words, if there is no two-way conversation going on, it will not be considered as a ticket.

What can I do with a ticket?

Gorgias has several ticket management features, and these include:

  • Ticket assignment
  • Snooze the ticket
  • Merge tickets
  • Check ticket logs
  • Edit tickets in bulk

What will happen if a customer creates two tickets at the same time?

If a customer creates two tickets at the same time, Gorgias will only attribute the potential sale to the ticket that’s the closest to the sale date.

What will happen if the ticket is just closed by an agent without a reply?

The number of tickets closed might not reflect on each agent because tickets do not need to be assigned to be closed. If tickets are not assigned to an agent when they were closed, they will not be counted.

For example, if they are closed with a rule or just opened quickly and closed, it does not count as agent productivity. 

What happens if I exceed my ticket volume?

Gorgias gives you the option to purchase additional tickets per plan, and it gets cheaper as you go up the tier. Here are the additional charges:

You can purchased additional tickets with each Gorgias pricing plan.

Do I need to pay more for specific channels?

Some channels are only available on certain plans, such as the Twitter integration for Advanced and Enterprise users. The live chat widget  is available on all plans and does not require additional costs. 

You can connect as many chat widgets, Facebook pages, and email addresses as you need. 

How does Gorgias’ voice support work?

Gorgias’ phone channel is available across all plans. You can receive inbound calls, make outbound calls, manage voicemails, and more.

The phone channel integration also comes with call features like call recording, team-based routing, and call forwarding. 

Gorgias currently supports numbers for Australia, the United Kingdom, and France.

Can my whole team use Gorgias?

Gorgias charges you based on your monthly ticket volume and not on the number of users. Hence, they offer unlimited users across all their pricing plans so that your whole team can use their tool at no additional cost.

Does Gorgias have a free plan?

Unfortunately, Gorgias does not offer a free plan. Their cheapest plan, the Basic plan, costs $60 per month. However, they do provide a 14-day free trial that allows you to test out the product to see if it fits your business needs. 

Is it cheaper if I subscribe for long term?

Yes, getting billed annually is cheaper than paying monthly. Here’s a table showing the difference in pricing and how much you can save per year:

Gorgias’ monthly vs annual pricing plan.

What kind of support does Gorgias provide?

Though the website states that the support provided is all the same, it actually differs depending on the plan you’ve selected. 

Basic and Pro plan users will have their support handled through email, live chat, and bi-weekly during office hours. Advanced and Enterprise users will be assigned a dedicated Customer Success Manager to handle their queries.

Does Gorgias offer custom setup and training for our team?

Yes, but this is only applicable to Advanced and Enterprise plan users. A Dedicated Success Manager will help you set up everything and walk you through the entire onboarding process. 

Also, Enterprise plan users get to enjoy custom services, whereby Gorgias developers can help you tweak your account based on your additional needs.

What’s next?

And there you have it — a comprehensive breakdown of Gorgias’ pricing plans and features. We hope that this article will help you in deciding which plan best suits your business needs. 

However, even with such robust features, this software might still not fall within your budget or needs.

After all, there’s no one-size-fits-all solution. 

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