Does Zendesk Support WhatsApp?

Zendesk is one of the best help desk management solutions for many businesses to deal with sales and customer support activities. But does it support WhatsApp integration?
Angga Fernandi
Angga Fernandi

Customer Success Executive

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Zendesk is a popular customer service software in the market with more than 200 thousand customers worldwide. It comes with a bunch of useful features to provide a more engaging customer experience such as chat and talk add-ons, data analytics, agent collaboration, custom reports, and many others. 

But, have you ever thought about integrating your WhatsApp number to Zendesk? Does Zendesk even support WhatsApp? 

There’s no doubt as WhatsApp has become a popular way to market your business, with 100 billion messages sent every day. That said, you can leverage WhatsApp to expand your reach to regions where the messaging app is used often.

In this article, we’ll remove your confusion about whether Zendesk supports WhatsApp integration and guide you on how you can set it up!

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Does Zendesk support WhatsApp Business API?

Yes, Zendesk allows businesses to respond to customers coming from WhatsApp. With the help of WhatsApp Business API, businesses can integrate their WhatsApp number to Zendesk to provide fast and proactive support. 

The way it works is quite straightforward. Once you enable the company’s WhatsApp channel, every customer message will become a ticket in your Zendesk Support dashboard. Then, agents can respond to them directly with the same support workflow. 

In a nutshell, here are some advantages of using Zendesk WhatsApp

  • Customize auto-responders for WhatsApp.
  • Send rich media such as files and images in conversations. 
  • Inform agents about recent responses on WhatsApp with a notification panel. 
  • Reply and manage to conversations in real-time. 
  • For customers, they can opt-in to get notifications from businesses such as shipping information or purchase receipts. 

How to set up WhatsApp on Zendesk

You can set up WhatsApp for either the standard Support agent interface or the Zendesk Agent Workspace. 

When it comes to Zendesk WhatsApp Business API, there are some steps to do before adding your WhatsApp channel to both Support and Agent Workspace. 

  1. Send information about your WhatsApp account (display name, phone number, FB Business Manager ID) to get a deployment ID. 
  2. Install social messaging channels and add your account. 
  3. Purchase hosting for your WhatsApp number (hosting acts as a third-party software that allows Zendesk to connect your number via the WhatsApp Business API).
  4. Install and configure WhatsApp in Zendesk. 

💡 Note: Getting deployment ID takes around 1-2 weeks and needs some action from your end. Hence, check your email inbox regularly. 

Setting up WhatsApp for the standard agent interface

Using the installation link

You can use the installation link to install WhatsApp in Support integration if you haven’t installed social messaging. Here’s how: 

  1. Click the link you receive in the email and follow the guides to complete the installation. 
  2. Another alternative is going to the [Admin Center] section, then clicking the [Apps and Integration] icon and choosing[Apps] > [Zendesk Support Apps].
  3. Next, click the [Marketplace] at the top of the page and search ‘social messaging’ to proceed with the installed apps and integration. 

Using deployment ID

As mentioned, you will be able to connect WhatsApp accounts once you install the social messaging. Here are the steps to integrate your WhatsApp to Zendesk Support using the deployment ID:

  1. Go to the [Admin Center] and click the [Apps and Integrations] icon.
  2. Choose [Apps] and click [Channel Apps]. 
  3. Then, select Social Messaging on the Channel Integrations page.
  4. Next, add your WhatsApp account by clicking the [Add Account] button on the [Accounts] tab.
  5. Choose WhatsApp from the drop-down list and click [Continue].
  6. Key in your deployment ID sent by Zendesk and click [Save Changes].
  7. After submitting the ID, choose the method for verification (SMS or Phone) and click [Send Code].
  8. Next, input your verification code and click [Add Account].

And you’re all set! Your WhatsApp account will be in the Admin Center and listed under ‘Channel apps’. You can also start editing your business profile, setting up template messages and autoresponder, and adjusting rules for WhatsApp tickets. 

💡 Note: After you successfully connect and verify your number in Zendesk, it  won’t be able to be removed or used with the WhatsApp app or any app on a mobile device.

Setting up WhatsApp for the Zendesk Agent Workspace

You can use either self-service or assisted flow to add a WhatsApp channel to the Zendesk Agent Workspace.

Self-service flow

With this flow, you can own and maintain your WhatsApp number. Also, you will need access to your company’s Facebook Business Manager to use self-service. 

Here’s how to add your WhatsApp:

  1. From the [Admin Center]page, click [Channels] in the sidebar. 
  2. Then, go to [Messaging and social], and select [Messaging].
  3. Next, click [Add Channel] and choose WhatsApp. 
  4. Click continue to proceed with the WhatsApp set-up flow that will prompt you to provide some information such as your business profile, phone number, and Facebook Business Manager. 
  5. Once you complete the set-up, click [Done]. 
  6. Then, choose the number to activate in the [Admin Center] channel configuration and click [Next]. 
  7. Lastly, name your WhatsApp channel and click [Add channel]. 

Do note that adding channels can take up to 5 minutes in Zendesk as it needs to set up hosting for your number. A message will appear once the channel is added successfully.

Assisted flow

Using this flow means that Zendesk will control your WhatsApp number. In other words, you will team up with Zendesk Customer Support to add a WhatsApp channel. Here’s how you do the assisted flow:

  1. Send information to Zendesk to set up a unique deployment ID for your WhatsApp channel. 
  2. Click [Channels] and select [Messaging and social] > messaging in [Admin Center].
  3. Then, click Link using a deployment ID to connect your WhatsApp. 
  4. Fill in your deployment iD and click [Next]. 
  5. Determine the verification method to receive codes (SMS or Phone).
  6. Next, click [Send Code] and input it on the Zendesk [Add channel] page. 
  7. Finally, click [Connect channel], and a message will appear once it’s done. 

That’s it! You can continue setting up a business profile such as name, description, and profile picture. 

💡 Note: The number you add in Zendesk for messaging will no longer be able to receive calls in WhatsApp

An alternative platform for WhatsApp Integration: NovoChat

We have learned Zendesk needs some required information to enable WhatsApp channels, such as the Facebook Business Manager ID for instance. This can be a challenge for some businesses that do not have an online presence on Facebook, or those with little knowledge to set it up. 

That said, there’s a Zendesk alternative that allows you to integrate WhatsApp in no time: NovoChat!

With NovoChat, you can integrate your WhatsApp number as either a personal or business number. Also, you do not need to send any information aforementioned like your Facebook Business Manager ID 😃

Everything can be set up on your own once you have an active WhatsApp number. You can broadcast messages, send WhatsApp automation, and manage all conversations in a shared inbox.

Setting up WhatsApp for the NovoChat workspace

Here is step-by-step guide to integrating WhatsApp to NovoChat:

  1. From the dashboard, go to [Channels].
  2. Then, navigate to [WhatsApp] and click the card to go.
  3. You’ll see a QR Code in the next window. If you do not see it, you can click [Reload QR Code] or [Reboot Server]. 
  4. Scan the QR code (either using a regular WhatsApp account or WhatsApp Business).
    • From your phone: open WhatsApp > click three vertical dots > select [Linked devices] > then, click [Link a device] button to scan the QR code.
  5. You’ll get a device status notification on your phone if the scan is successful.
  6. Next, you can do testing by sending a message from NovoChat’s inbox to your registered phone number in the channel.
  7. You should receive the message on your WhatsApp. Then, you can try to reply to the message. If it appears in NovoChat’s inbox, the integration is successful. 

And that’s it! Easy, isn’t it? All you need to do is just scan the QR code. 😉

Do remember that you can connect NovoChat with your own WhatsApp number if you subscribe to our Pro or Business plan. If you subscribe to the Starter plan, you can use NovoChat’s default WhatsApp number. 

Do more with NovoChat

NovoChat is the perfect chat marketing solution that supports WhatsApp automation.

Once you integrate your WhatsApp number with NovoChat, you will be able to set up broadcast messages and automation triggers for various purposes such as shipping updates, order confirmations, and abandoned cart reminders.

Moreover, you can conduct multi-agent customer support all on one platform and it’s done by using your integrated WhatsApp channel. 

Best of all — you will still be able to receive calls and messages to your number through the WhatsApp mobile app!

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