How E-commerce Chat Marketing Drives More Traffic and Sales

In the changing digital landscape, chat marketing is the best solution to connect with your customers. Here are 6 ways to use chat marketing to drive more traffic to your e-commerce business.
Faye Chong
Faye Chong

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The business landscape is changing and more businesses are moving to the digital space. In 2021, it’s estimated that there are 24 million e-commerce sites worldwide and this number isn’t slowing down.

After all, starting your own e-commerce business is getting easier. There are so many e-commerce website builders out there to give you the first push and a majority of consumers are shopping online anyway.  

Statistics show that about 2.14 billion people are expected to shop online and 79% of this internet shopping traffic comes from mobile devices.

Well, pick up whatever you’ve dropped on the ground because we’re here to tell you that this is not a lost opportunity (unless you’re not going to do anything about it)! 

Because most consumers are shopping on their mobile devices, the best solution to connect and engage with them amidst all the digital noise is through chat marketing

How, you ask? 🤔

Continue reading on as we share the best ways you can use chat marketing to drive customers to your e-commerce business! 👇


6 ways chat marketing can drive customers to your e-commerce site

Greet with welcome messages

Have you heard of the saying that the “First Impression is the Last Impression”? 

That’s because a customer’s first impression on how you build rapport with them leaves a lasting impression on their perception of your brand. This can affect whether or not they decide to purchase from you or your competitors. 

And since you’re an e-commerce business, you don’t have the upper hand of having attentive ground staff in your physical store to welcome customers whenever they step in.

However, don’t be discouraged because you can do that too — just via chat messages!

When a new customer opts in to receive messages from your business or if they’ve reached out and you have no prior conversations with them, sending a welcome message can create the right impression about your business.

On top of that, you could even give an exclusive promotion to welcome them to your community and to thank them for being here. This helps to push them to make their first purchase with your business.

An example of sending a welcome message via WhatsApp chat marketing.
An example of sending a welcome message via WhatsApp chat marketing.

Inform customers about sales

Sending promotional messages is a casual and non-pushy way to drive more traffic to your site. Unlike sending emails, platforms like WhatsApp or Messenger create an informal environment for you to share special deals and promotions. 

Also, 82% of people open every text message they receive versus a 20% email open rate. This means that your customers are more likely to read your messages and check out your promotions instead of ignoring them entirely.

An example of sending promotional messages via WhatsApp chat marketing.
An example of sending promotional messages via WhatsApp chat marketing.

It’s also easier to maintain customer context because all chats are within the same customer’s inbox. This means you can send them personalized messages about upcoming promotions such as:

“We noticed that you purchased XX, want to check out these on-sale items in the same category?”

“You asked about XX and they’re now back in stock. Get them now before it’s sold out again!”

Send abandoned cart reminders

According to Baymard Institute, a web research company, 69.8% of online shopping carts are abandoned.

Abandoned carts are a daily occurrence. It could be caused be by a ton of factors that aren’t within your control, such as customers getting distracted by work, having to attend a sudden meeting, or they could have simply forgotten about it. 

While it’s difficult to completely eliminate cart abandonment, you can use chat marketing to recover abandoned carts. Simply send a message to your customers to remind them about the items left in their cart to prompt them to make a purchase. 

You can even offer an exclusive discount code to further encourage them to cart out their items.

Provide stellar customer service

Just like how first impressions can leave a lasting impact on your customers, customer service holds the same power too. 

Would you continue purchasing from the same business knowing that their customer service reps are rude or unresponsive?

Well yeah, we thought so too. 🤭

Apart from the usual friendly and respectful replies, you also can follow up with a customer post-purchase. Do a quick check-in on whether they’ve received their purchase and if they’re enjoying your product. You can even take this chance to ask them for feedback.

Ask for ratings and reviews

Reviews can make or break your business. A whopping 93% of consumers say that online reviews influenced their purchase decisions. However, statistics show that only 71% of consumers will leave a review about a business if they were asked.

So take this opportunity to ask your customers for their experiences with your products and services when they shopped with you. 

Make leaving ratings and reviews as easy as possible by providing a direct link to the review page, or even allowing customers to reply within the same chat interface.

An example of asking customers for feedback via WhatsApp chat marketing.
An example of asking customers for feedback via WhatsApp chat marketing.

Re-engage customers

Just because a customer hasn’t been purchasing from you in a while doesn’t mean that you’ve completely lost a customer. Don’t give up on them! Sometimes all the customer needs is some nudging to remember your brand. 

There are a few ways you can do it, and one of them is to incentivize customers with a generous offer or exclusive promotion that they just can’t pass up. 

You can also consider sending them informational content surrounding your brand such as clothing hacks and tricks, easy recipes, or even luggage packing tips. Educational content can be useful to them and it’s also a subtle way to upsell your products. 

An example of re-engaging your customer via WhatsApp chat marketing.
An example of re-engaging your customer via WhatsApp chat marketing.

What’s next?

Using chat marketing to drive customers to your e-commerce site doesn’t seem so difficult now, does it? 

In our digital world, it’s vital that you adapt to how your customers shop and engage with them where they are. No point barking up the wrong tree as it’ll waste resources, time, and not to mention, opportunities

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