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Take your WhatsApp marketing to the next level

Take your WhatsApp game to the next level with our platform's powerful tools, ready in minutes.

Team Inbox

Collaborate seamlessly on a shared inbox

WhatsApp Broadcast

Broadcast personalized messages

WhatsApp Automations

Send automated messages based on users' behaviour

Chat with your customers on mobile

2.5B people use messaging apps on their mobile devices to communicate. Be there with NovoChat's chat marketing platform.

Recover abandoned carts

Send promotional messages

Recommend products based on past purchases

Send order updates

Re-engage customers

Gather feedback and reviews

How our WhatsApp marketing platform works

1. Connect your WhatsApp number

2. Invite your team

3. Chat with customers in your Team Inbox

Feature: WhatsApp Automation


Drive more sales with WhatsApp Automations

Easily build and automate conversations for WhatsApp that engage customers and lead to more conversions.

Feature: WhatsApp Automation


Send highly-targeted WhatsApp broadcast

Create personalized WhatsApp broadcasts to your customers. Send promotions, announcements, store updates, and more.


Connect WhatsApp, Messenger, and more chat app in a shared inbox

Reply to customers from multiple channels like WhatsApp and Messenger from a unified inbox. Easily assign and resolve conversations between teammates.


Make customer communication easy with a website widget

Add a multi-channel website widget or WhatsApp chat button so you’ll always be available. No limitation on communication.


All of your customers' preferred channels in one place

Support your customers across multiple messaging channels — whether it’s through WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Telegram, or LINE.


Deeper insights to launch smarter chat marketing campaigns

View advanced campaign and automation metrics to analyze the revenue your messages are bringing in and the ROI you’re receiving.

Integrates with your e-commerce platforms

I think the biggest benefit of NovoChat is that it increases our experience managers' productivity because they don't have to keep switching between platforms.

Khairul Rusydi,


NovoChat allows me to keep track of conversations  with potential customers — which is extremely important as it increases the chances of bringing in more revenue.

Eugene Ng,


What the FAQ?

Got questions about NovoChat? We answer them below!

Why do I need a chat marketing platform?

Email marketing and social media marketing channels are becoming too saturated. Chat marketing helps you to cut through all this noise, because 82% of people open every text message they receive — which means they’ll be more likely to read your messages!


And, did we mention that over 2.5 billion people use messaging platforms to communicate? 😚

Why should I pay for a tool when I can manage customer inquiries manually for free?

While it’s possible to manage customer inquiries manually, NovoChat can save you time and effort because we provide a unified inbox for all channels, including WhatsApp, Instagram, Messenger, LINE, Telegram and Live Chat.


This can help you stay organized and respond to customers more efficiently.


Additionally, NovoChat’s automation features can help you send targeted replies and messages based on triggers, such as abandoned carts or order notifications, which can improve your conversion rates.

How is NovoChat's WhatsApp marketing feature any different from simply sending WhatsApp messages from my personal account?

NovoChat’s WhatsApp marketing feature is different from sending WhatsApp messages from your personal account in several ways.


Firstly, with a personal account, you can only reply to customers by yourself, which can be limiting if you have a team that needs to help manage customer inquiries. NovoChat solves this problem by allowing multiple users to access the inbox through our platform, making it easier to collaborate and manage customer conversations.

Additionally, our platform offers customer support-centric features like resolving closed tickets, re-assigning tickets to agents, and adding internal notes to your team. These features help you streamline your customer support process and provide a better experience for your customers.


NovoChat provides tools for creating personalized broadcast messages to your audience, as well as analytics to measure campaign performance.

Will I need technical skills or experience to use NovoChat?

NovoChat is designed to be user-friendly and easy to use, even for those without technical skills or experience.


Our platform provides a simple and intuitive interface, and our support team is available to assist with any questions or issues that may arise.

Can I use NovoChat for my business even if I don't have a website?

Yes, NovoChat can be used for businesses that don’t have a website.


Our platform provides multiple channels for customer communication, including WhatsApp, Instagram, Messenger, LINE, Telegram and Live Chat.


This means you can use NovoChat to manage customer inquiries and automate marketing campaigns even if you don’t have a website.

What happens if I encounter technical difficulties while using NovoChat?

If you encounter technical difficulties while using NovoChat, our support team is available to assist you.


We provide email and chat support, and our team will work with you to resolve any issues as quickly as possible.

How long does it take to set up and start using NovoChat?

Setting up and starting to use NovoChat is a quick and easy process.


After signing up, you can connect your WhatsApp number by scanning a QR code. The NovoChat inbox will start receiving messages. That’s all you need to get started! 

Do you have a partner program?

Absolutely! We offer a partner program that enables you to help your clients automate their WhatsApp messages, thus boosting their order value and ROI. When you refer a paying customer to us, you can earn affiliate fees ranging from 10% to 30%. For further details, please visit our partner’s page!

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